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Analog Devices offers a range of frequency conversion products for markets such as wireless infrastructure, imaging, and wideband receivers.

Analog Devices' frequency conversion products include up/down converters, mixers, modulators, converters with integrated synth, and more. For a more substantial list of products in this like, reference the complete list below.

5G mmW Market

ADMV1017 | ADMV1018 - 24 GHz to 29.5 GHz, 5G Up/Down Converters

ADMV1139 - 37 to 48 GHz, Up/Down Converter


Multi Market - Passive & Active Mixers

LTC5510 - 1MHz to 6GHz Wideband High Linearity Active Mixer

HMC773A - 6 to 26GHz Passive Mixer (Die/Package)

HMC774A - 7 to 34/40 GHz, Passive Mixer (Die/Package)

HMC560A - 22 to 38 GHz Passive Mixer


Multi Market - Up/Down Converters

ADRF6780 - 6 to 24GHz IQ Modulator

ADAR2001 | ADAR2004 - 10 to 40 GHz, Imaging Chipset

HMC8193 | HMC8191 | HMC8192 - 2.5 to 42 GHz, IQ Mixer Family

ADMV1013 | ADMV1014 - 24 to 44 GHz, Up/Down Converters


Multi Market - Up/Down Converters with Integrated Synth

ADRF6821 - 0.45 to 2.8 GHz, Demodulator with Synth

HMC1197 - 0.1 to 4GHz Modulator with Synth

ADMV4420 - 16.95 to 22.05 GHz, Ku Band Down Converter with Synth

ADMV4530 - 27 to 31 GHz, Ka Band Up Converter with Synth

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