SATCOM Microwave Downconverter And Ku Band Upconverter

Source: Analog Devices
Ku Band Upconverter and Microwave Downconverter

The ADMV4640 downconverter and ADMV4630 upconverter are optimized for satellite communication (SATCOM) terminals in the 10.7 GHz - 12.7 GHz RF and 14.0 GHz - 14.5 GHz frequency ranges, respectively.

Both products come in a compact, thermally enhanced, 6 mm × 6 mm, 40-lead lead frame chip scale package (LFCSP) and operate over the −40°C to +85°C case temperature range.

The digital serial peripheral interface (SPI) allows fast frequency and gain programming. In addition to the digital SPI control, an analog control pin (TX_MUTE) quickly powers down all circuits and places the receiver in standby mode for power saving. To learn more about these products, view their individual datasheets.