5G Microwave Upconverter/Downconverter (37 GHz To 48.2 GHz): ADMV1139

Source: Analog Devices

The ADMV1139 is an silicon on isolator (SOI), microwave, upconverter and downconverter optimized for 5G radio designs operating in the 37 GHz to 48.2 GHz frequency range.

Both upconverters and downconverters offer two modes of frequency translation. One mode is conversion from and/or to complex intermediate frequency (IF) signals, which then pass through an on-chip 90° IF hybrid, known as IF mode. The other mode is a direct conversion from and/or to single-ended or differential baseband inphase/quadrature (I/Q) inputs and outputs, known as baseband mode. The I/Q baseband output common-mode voltage is programmable between 0 V and 1.5 V. The SPI provides fine adjustment of the quadrature phase to optimize I/Q demodulation performance.

Additional Product Features:

  • Integration of an upconverter (a transmitter), a downconverter (a receiver)
  • LO chain with 4× multiplier in one chip
  • RF frequency range: 37 GHz to 48.2 GHz
  • LO input frequency range: 7.25 GHz to 12.05 GHz
  • Complex IF operation (IF mode) with optional on-chip hybrid
    • Direct conversion of differential baseband I/Q (baseband mode)
  • Programmable baseband I/Q common-mode voltage
  • Common-mode input pin to track desired common mode, 0 V to 1.5 V voltage range
  • Optional on-chip RF switch port between the transmitter and the receiver
  • Matched, 50 Ω impedance, single-ended RF input and output, and RF switch port
  • Matched, 50 Ω impedance single-ended LO input
  • Low phase variation vs. gain control

For more information on this product, download the available datasheet.