K Band Quadrature Demodulator: ADMV4540

Source: Analog Devices

The ADMV4540 is a highly integrated quadrature demodulator with integrated synthesizer ideally suited for next generation K-band satellite communication. 

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Additional Product Features:

  • Fractional-N synthesizer with low phase noise VCO
  • K band quadrature demodulator
  • Programmable via 4-wire SPI
  • RF operating frequency range: 17 GHz to 22 GHz
  • LO internal frequency range: 17 GHz to 21.5 GHz
  • Double sideband noise figure: 5 dB at maximum conversion gain
  • Output integrated phase noise, 1 kHz to 10 MHz: <1°
  • Maximum conversion gain of &GT50 dB
  • Conversion gain control range of &GT50 dB
  • IM3 of −54 dBc at −30 dBm composite input level, ΔfRF = 1 MHz
  • 3 baseband, SPI-selectable LPFs with corner frequencies of: 125 MHz, 250 MHz, and 500 MHz on each baseband path

To learn more about this product, download the available datasheet.