Featured Articles

  1. Excellence In Automotive Ethernet Solutions

    Ethernet is used in automotive networks to enable fast and cost-effective data communications. The automotive industry has specified the OPEN Alliance BroadR-Reach® (OABR) physical layer as the automotive Ethernet communications standard. It runs on standard FlexRay™ cabling and is used for high-speed communications such as audio or video streaming or for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). 100BASE-T1 uses full duplex communications, enabling up to 1Gbit/s to be transferred over one twisted pair. The R&S®RTO oscilloscope together with the R&S®ZND vector network analyzer (VNA) is the ideal solution for 100BASE-T1 compliance testing due to its superior signal fidelity and automated test and reporting execution capability.

  2. Doherty, Balanced, Push-Pull, And Spatial Amplifier Performance Enhancement

    This application note presents a hybrid simulation-/measurement- based development methodology used to achieve enhanced amplifier performance with linear form of pre-distortion. The approach shown may be combined with DPD to achieve an even better result. It may also be used to lower DPD requirements.

  3. 5G New Radio eBook

    Is 5G simply another generation of mobile communications technologies? Or something revolutionary? In this eBook, Rohde & Schwarz give insights into 5G New Radio (NR), exploring all of its relevant details, key implementation aspects, and required test and measurement equipment for the development of 5G NR products.

  4. Verifying Additive Phase Noise And Jitter Attenuation Of PLLs In High-Speed Digital Designs

    Increasing data rates in high-speed digital designs and wireless communications require SerDes PLLs and clock synthesizers with low additive phase noise and high jitter attenuation. Modern designs often follow a two-stage architecture comprising a jitter-attenuator and a frequency-synthesizer stage. Phase noise analyzers are the choice instruments for these tests due to their high phase noise sensitivity. This application note presents a phase noise analyzer solution to test the additive phase noise and jitter transfer function of PLLs.

  5. Optimize Beamforming: From Bits To RF Beams

    To achieve accurate, reliable and efficient beamforming, it is necessary to understand and compensate for the nonlinear behavior of RF components. This app note covers the benefits of Rohde & Schwarz’s portfolio of conducted and OTA test solutions and how they help to optimize beamforming.

  6. Battery Life Optimization In IoT devices With The Multi-Channel Power Probe R&S®RT-ZVC02/04(A)

    This application note describes Battery Life Measurements with the R&S®RT-ZVC02/04(A) MultiChannel Probe. The measurements are described mostly with the use of an oscilloscope. However, measurements are also possible with CMWRun and a corresponding communication tester.

  7. ATS1000: Passive Antenna Measurement And Nearfield - Farfield Transformation

    This application note describes how to measure the antenna pattern of a mm-Wave device in the R&S®ATS1000 shielded chamber. The paper also covers the required calibration of the measurement setup and a possible near field to far field transformation when measuring larger devices.

  8. R&S dB Calculator

    This app note discusses a software tool that can be used to add or subtract an arbitrary number of powers, as well as convert power and voltage units from the linear to the logarithmic scale, convert linear power and voltage ratios to decibels, and convert a VSWR to other reflection quantities.

  9. Overview Of Tests On Radar Systems And Components

    This application note demonstrates how to use the Rohde & Schwarz radar product portfolio to tackle test and measurement tasks in modern radar technology. The idea is to become familiar with radar issues as well as learn how to solve certain test and measurement tasks.

  10. Understanding Pulsed Phase Noise Measurements

    One of the key parameters that limits system performance for communication and radar systems is phase noise. As systems engineers develop new and more advanced RF systems, phase noise of oscillators and transmitters can no longer be overlooked. This application note will focus on phase noise measurements for pulsed RF carriers such as those used for radar systems. The paper will address some of the physical limitations relating to pulsed phase noise measurement and introduce the capabilities of the new Rohde & Schwarz FSWP phase noise analyzer.