Products and Services

  1. T8 Tubular Quartz Crystal
    T8 Tubular Quartz Crystal Crystal
  2. UM-1G Quartz Crystal
    UM-1G gullwing UM-1 series quartz crystal
  3. Surface-Mount Crystal
    The CX325 surface-mount crystal provides a 3.2 x 2.5 x 0.8 mm footprint
  4. Quartz Crystals

    Precision Devices Incorporated designs and manufactures the highest quality precision crystal products in the industry. Serving a worldwide base of commercial and military clients with countless application requirements, PDI manufactures a wide variety of crystal products in custom and SMD packages including quartz crystals, crystal filters and crystals

  5. MS1Quartz Crystal
    The MS1 crystals are high quality tuning fork resonators manufactured with a photolithographic process
  6. UM-1 Quartz crystal
    UM-1 series quarts crystal
  7. Quartz Crystal Platform: Model 445
    This quartz crystal platform is ideal for integration into commercial applications. It can be used in notebooks, computer peripherals, Bluetooth and USB interfaces, PDAs, and automotive electronics.