Current Headlines

  1. Unique 45kW High Surge Protection Devices

    Inelco Hunter has announced the availability of the ProTek Devices range of High Surge Protection devices for power supplies and AC/DC power lines that require high surge current/lightning protection.

  2. Rohde & Schwarz Is The Leader In Conformance Tests For Cellular Internet Of Things

    Rohde & Schwarz offers market-leading test coverage for the certification of eMTC and NB-IoT devices and components. Test cases are validated for test platforms with the R&S CMW500 wideband radio communication tester and the R&S TS8980FTA and R&S TS-RRM conformance test systems.

  3. From Chaos To Clarity; A Clear Future For LPWA Is Developing

    Over the last two years, the LPWA market has evolved from a chaotic rivalry between 15 wireless formats into a clear market with winners and losers. In their latest report, Mobile Experts lays out the two major market areas that are emerging: LoRa and NB-IoT.

  4. Male - Female 2.92mm ≤ 1ps Skew Matched, Phase Stable Cable Assemblies

    D-COAX, Inc. has introduced a ≤ 1ps skew matched and phase stable high performance 0.150-inch flexible Male 2.92mm to Female 2.92mm coaxial cable assemblies through 40GHz.

  5. Summer Savings On Class-A 100W Amplifiers, 50 To 250 MHz

    Mini-Circuits is offering promotional pricing on ZHL-100W-251+ Class-A high-power amplifiers with savings of over 40% while supplies last.

  6. Poynting’s MinePoynt Antennas Makes Wireless Work Underground

    Poynting has a complete WiFi and cellular range of antennas which are supplied locally and internationally. Of particular interest, is the circular polarised helical antenna range used in mines and tunnels called MinePoynt antennas.

  7. Merging Antenna And Electronics Boosts Energy And Spectrum Efficiency

    By integrating the design of antenna and electronics, researchers have boosted the energy and spectrum efficiency for a new class of millimeter wave transmitters, allowing improved modulation and reduced generation of waste heat. The result could be longer talk time and higher data rates in millimeter wave wireless communication devices for future 5G applications.

  8. A Single Antenna Component Performs GNSS & Mobile Simultaneously

    Fractus Antennas has just launched a new reference design that explains how to use the TRIO mXTEND chip antenna component to get the GNSS and Mobile frequency bands at the same time.

  9. 100 Times Faster Broadband Is Coming: 5G Passes First Test For Indoor Coverage At University Of Sussex

    Initial testing on the next generation of mobile technology with the capability of delivering 100 times faster broadband has been successful, engineers at the University of Sussex and collaborators from telecom consultancy firm Plum have confirmed.

  10. Molex Introduces Wi-Fi Flexible Antenna Series For Compact Devices

    Molex, a global provider of electronic solutions, announced its Wi-Fi flexible antenna series, designed for fast and easy integration into wireless devices with minimal implementation cost. The 206994-series side-fed cable-flexible antenna enables high-performance RF transmission for the most demanding Wi-Fi applications, including those with space constraints.