Current Headlines

  1. FCC Says Mobile Broadband No Substitute For Fixed, Vows To Hasten Broadband Deployment

    The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has reaffirmed that broadband deployment is the top priority to bridge the digital divide in America. The agency says its recent efforts to monitor and accelerate progress in both fixed and mobile services are consistent with its mandate under the 1996 Telecommunications Act, but adds it still has much work to do.

  2. Rohde & Schwarz Demonstrates T&M Equipment At Embedded World 2018

    Rohde & Schwarz will be presenting its T&M instruments with the tagline "Oscilloscope innovation. Measurement confidence". Tests on electronic circuits have shown that these instruments significantly increase measurement reliability.

  3. Nordic Offers Low Power Cellular IoT 'Sneak Peek'

    Nordic Semiconductor recently provided a 'sneak peek' of its upcoming nRF91 Series low power cellular IoT solution. During an event in Oslo, Nordic also demonstrated the nRF91 operating on the Verizon Wireless Network in the U.S. and on the Telia network in Norway.

  4. AVX Releases Thin Film Chip Inductors For Automotive Signal, Power Applications

    AVX Corporation, a leading manufacturer and supplier of passive components, interconnects, sensors, and control solutions, has released a new series of thin film multilayer chip inductors especially designed to meet demanding performance specifications in automotive signal and power applications.

  5. What Can 5G Learn From The Military Communications Market?

    Software defined architecture, solid-state technology, radio-satellite communications-wireless network integration as well as communicating voice and data/video simultaneously and securely in an increasingly complex spectrum environment will underpin growth for military communications systems and the associated component and semiconductor demand.

  6. RF GaN industry: A Significant Boost Led By The Implementation Of 5G Networks

    In the last couple of years, the RF GaN market experienced an impressive growth and has reshaped the RF power industry landscape. By the end of 2017, the total RF GaN market was close to US$380M, announces Yole Développement (Yole) in this new report titled “RF GaN Market: Applications, Players, Technology, and Substrates 2018-2023”.

  7. The Week In 5G: 1/19/2018 – Samsung And Ericsson Unveil New 5G Gear, AT&T Cuts Ties With Huawei

    Samsung is planning to become the third major player in the 5G modem chip market when it reveals its first 5G modem chip for smartphones in the second half of this year.

  8. First Superconducting RF Cryomodule Delivered For Ultrapowerful X-Ray Laser At SLAC

    Earlier this week, scientists and engineers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Fermilab in Illinois loaded one of the most advanced superconducting radio-frequency cryomodules ever created onto a truck and sent it heading west.

  9. Carnegie Technologies Joins Dell, Ericsson As Texas 5G Alliance Partner

    Carnegie Technologies, the industry’s leading wireless connectivity solutions provider, announced today that it has joined the Texas 5G Alliance as a founding member, helping the new organization to advocate for the next generation of high-speed wireless technologies required to meet the demands of smart cities throughout Texas.

  10. RIGOL Announces New RSA5000 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer

    RIGOL Technologies announces a significant addition to its portfolio of RF Test Instrumentation with the introduction of the New RSA5000 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer.