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05.07.24 -- The Promise And Potential Of 6G | Interference Hunting For Critical Infrastructure | dBm, Volts, Watts Conversion Tool


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Understanding The Promise And Potential Of 6G Technology

6G is still in a phase of applied research and technology trials and is not expected to be commercialized until around 2030. But that doesn’t mean important steps toward its rollout aren’t happening now.


Interference Hunting For Critical Infrastructure

Detecting and resolving interference in critical infrastructure's private 5G networks is challenging. See how gated spectrum operation facilitates precise interference hunting in these environments.

Improving Range With ConcurrentConnect Antenna Diversity

Learn about the performance benefits of antenna diversity technology for low-power wireless controllers and its ease of deployment in connected devices operating in constrained environments.

Top 5 Questions About 6G Technology

6G wireless technology will be much more than just faster data rates and lower latency. Among other goals, 6G intends to address issues in security, sustainability, business, and industry.


Guerrilla RF Acquires GaN Device Portfolio From Gallium Semiconductor

Reticulate Micro Unveils VALOR™ ESA Product Line

Keysight, Synopsys, Ansys Deliver RF Design Migration Flow To TSMC’s N6RF+

High Performance Antennas Made For Multiple Applications, Extreme Weather

Cadence, TSMC Collaborate To Transform System And Semiconductor Design

Quectel Launches Series Of High-Performance Antenna Products

Filtronic Secures Strategic Partnership With SpaceX For Starlink Constellation

Rohde & Schwarz Introduces R&S SMB100B Microwave Signal Generator

Tektronix Unveils SignalVu Spectrum Analyzer Software Version 5.4

Ku Band Integrated Microwave Assembly (IMA)

CNH Expands Network Connectivity With Intelsat Collaboration


Design And Assessment Of A 5G Base Station Using Massive MIMO

Explore how modeling and simulation can be used to assist system designers, first in the design of a complex antenna array for a base station, and then to assess its potential performance in the field.  


dBm, Volts, Watts Conversion Tool

If you're working with a 50 ohm system and need to convert units from decibel-milliwatts (dBm) to volts or watts, you can save time and effort by using this convenient online calculator. 


dBm Advanced Channel Emulator: ACE9600

The dBm Advanced Channel Emulator (ACE) is the most advanced non-terrestrial RF channel emulation solution to date. 

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Wireless Telecom Group

0.09 To 10 GHz High Dynamic Range Gain Block: ADM-8095PSM

The ADM-8095PSM is a high-linearity low noise amplifier capable of providing +20 dBm output power up to 10 GHz that can serve either as a linear signal amplifier or a saturated driver amplifier.

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Marki Microwave

5G Massive IoT System-In-Package: SKY66431-11

The SKY66431-11 is a multi-band multi-chip System-in Package (SiP) supporting 5G Massive IoT (LTE-M/NB-IoT) platforms.

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