0.09 - 10 GHz High Dynamic Range Gain Block: ADM-8095PSM

Marki - ADM-8095PSM

The ADM-8095PSM is a high-linearity low noise amplifier capable of providing +20 dBm output power up to 10 GHz that can serve either as a linear signal amplifier or a saturated driver amplifier.

The ADM-8095PSM can serve either as a linear signal amplifier, or as a saturated driver amplifier for H- or S-diode mixers.


  • +21 dBm output power
  • +18 dB gain
  • 1.2 dB noise figure
  • Excellent Gain flatness
  • Excellent Return Losses
  • No negative bias required


  • Radar
  • Driver Amplifier for H and S - Diode Mixers
  • Mobile test and measurement equipment
  • 5G transceivers