dBm Advanced Channel Emulator: ACE9600

WTG - ACE9600

The dBm Advanced Channel Emulator (ACE) is the most advanced non-terrestrial RF channel emulation solution to date. 

The emulated impairments include delay, signal Doppler, attenuation, phase offset, AWGN, frequency hopping, payload and multipath fading. The instrument can house up to four 600 MHz instantaneous bandwidth channels. Impairment emulation can be set to fixed values in Static mode, or continuously changed in real time in Dynamic mode without any phase discontinuities.

Features and Benefits

  • 600 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth per channel
  • Timing synchronization up to 16 channels
  • Link Emulation including:
    • Phase continuous delay, Doppler, and attenuation changes
    • AWGN and Eb/No
    • 12 tap (path) multipath fading with Rayleigh, Rician & CW. Angle of Arrival (AOA), k-factor, and correlation controls
    • RF frequency agile up/down converters
  • Payload Emulation including:
    • IMUX/OMUX amplitude and group delay distortion
    • Amplifier Compression (AM/AM and AM/PM)
    • Phase Noise
  • Static and dynamic link emulation
  • Ephemeris data generation using SATGEN
  • Remote instrument control through ACEClient application