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Quectel Launches New Series Of High-Performance Satellite, 5G, GNSS And Three-In-One Combination Antennas

Shanghai (BUSINESS WIRE) - On April 23, Quectel Communications, the world's leading provider of overall IoT solutions, officially announced that it has once again launched a variety of high-performance antenna products to further meet the needs of IoT. The demand for high-quality antenna products in the networking market.

These include satellite antenna YETN001L1A, three-in-one combination antennas YEMA300QXA and YEMN302Q1A, external 5G antennas YECN001J1A and YECT000WBA, and two GNSS L1 and L5 active antennas YEGB000Q1A and YEGN000Q1A.

In this regard, Quectel COO Zhang Dong said, "The reason why Quectel launched multiple new antenna products at once is because we have seen that the demand for antenna products from customers in the Internet of Things industry is rising sharply. At present, whether it is in-vehicle or Wi-Fi -Fi or outdoor equipment, etc., have become important application scenarios for antenna products. The high-performance and diversified antenna products provided by Quectel can accurately meet the unique requirements of customer deployment and applications, while also having broad adaptability. It can expand more IoT scenarios with its rich ‘module + antenna’ combination configuration.”

Satellite Antenna
As the only satellite antenna product launched by Quectel this time, YETN001L1A has outstanding performance in terms of frequency band and other parameters. The size of YETN001L1A is 106.15 x 87.21 x 26.5 mm, which is especially suitable for applications with high space requirements; in addition to supporting satellite L band (L-Band: TX: 1626.5–1660.5 MHz, 1668–1675 MHz; RX: 1518– In addition to the 1559 MHz) frequency band, it also supports positioning GNSS L1 (1559-1606 MHz) frequency band and Iridium frequency band, which can achieve stable and comprehensive signal transmission.

As an antenna product commonly used in special scenarios such as navigation, aviation, and mining areas, YETN001L1A has an IP67 waterproof housing, a UL94 V-0 flame retardant rating, and an operating temperature of -40°C~85°C, which can avoid signal interference from multiple external environments and improve Antenna overall performance. At the same time, the satellite antenna’s material selection meets the European Union’s CE certification and can support customers’ subsequent modification needs.

What’s more worth mentioning is that YETN001L1A is effectively compatible with Quectel’s CC200A satellite module and the full range of GNSS L1 modules, forming a “module + antenna” supporting service to provide industry customers with double guarantees in terms of cost and efficiency.

At present, YETN001L1A has achieved full mass production and is mostly used in information transmission and smart education and smart agriculture scenarios in remote areas such as forests and mining areas. In addition, since the rated elevation angle of this satellite antenna can reach ±75°, it can be compatible with the rated coverage of more devices, so it is especially suitable for scenarios such as mobile devices on the sea to achieve multi-angle signal reception.

Three-in-one combination antenna
The two three-in-one combination antennas launched this time include YEMA300QXA and YEMN302Q1A models. Among them, YEMA300QXA can provide multiple network connection methods of 4G/Wi-Fi/GNSS, and is backward compatible with 3G/2G, etc., ensuring that it can always provide excellent network connections in industries and applications such as new energy, V2X and drones; YEMN302Q1A can operate in the 700–960 MHz, 1710–2690 MHz, and 1565–1606 MHz frequency bands by providing 4G/4G DIV/GNSS and other network connection methods.

The compact design of 143.73 × 51.33 × 15 mm and the convenient adhesive installation method enable the two antennas to help end customers expand more application scenarios.

Both antennas have achieved full mass production. With their superior capabilities in flame retardancy, waterproofing, UV resistance, and working temperature, they are widely used in terminal equipment such as vehicles, remote monitoring, and mobile medical care. In the future, with the continuous expansion of new energy and other smart vehicle markets, the unique 4G/Wi-Fi/GNSS three-in-one combination performance of YEMA300QXA and YEMN302Q1A can provide a stable and rich network connection environment for the construction and development of charging stations. In addition, both YEMA300QXA and YEMN302Q1A can support dual-cell 2in1 and modification of different wire lengths and terminal models, allowing end customers to have more development and design space.

External 5G antenna
The two external 5G antennas YECN001J1A and YECT000WBA launched by Quectel both cover the 5G NR Sub-6 GHz frequency band and are backward compatible with 4G/3G/2G and LPWA networks. Combined with their antenna signal transmission and reception efficiency of up to 89%, It ensures a richer and more stable network environment for terminals.

Both antennas are 40.6 x 104 mm in size and comply with RoHS and REACH standards. They are carefully designed to be minimally affected by the internal environment of the device. YECN001J1A and YECT000WBA are especially suitable for various wireless communication equipment such as routers, outdoor equipment and real-time monitoring. In addition, with the help of IP67 waterproof rating, IP69K hot water pressure rating and IK09 impact resistance, it is also suitable for many terminal devices with metal surface materials to avoid terminal damage due to harsh external environments.

In terms of installation methods, both antennas are compatible with L-shaped brackets such as YAXX001XXA. They can provide flexible installation methods such as screw installation, and the cable length and connector can be customized, allowing customers to be more flexible in terminal development.

GNSS L1&L5 Antenna
For customers who have needs for GNSS positioning scenarios, Quectel launches two GNSS L1 and L5 active antennas, YEGB000Q1A and YEGN000Q1A, both supporting the 1164 ~ 1189 MHz frequency band and the 1559 ~ 1606 MHz frequency band, with dimensions of 60 × 56 × 22.6 mm.

Both antennas provide a wealth of configuration options, such as supporting different installation or connection methods such as screw mounting, adhesive mounting, magnetic mounting, internal cables, external SMA, etc. The connector type and cable can also be customized according to customer needs. length. In addition, YEGB000Q1A and YEGN000Q1A are compatible with Quectel’s full range of GNSS L1/L5 module products.

Like other Quectel antenna products, Quectel will provide one-stop solutions for customized antennas including antenna design support, such as simulation, testing and manufacturing, to meet customers' specific application needs and accelerate product time to market.

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