Newsletter | March 16, 2023

03.16.23 -- Problems In EMC Test Set-Ups ... And How To Fix Them

Spotlight On Test & Measurement Solutions
How To Achieve Ultrafast Power Supply Transient Response

This white paper presents practical methods for achieving an ultrafast power supply transient response in wireless and, especially, RF applications.

Reverberation Chamber Tuner/Stirrer Considerations In EMC Testing

Tuners support both stirred and stepped operation. They can be sized to match any chamber dimensions and crafted from any of several RF energy-reflective materials.

RF Test Setup For Measuring Power & Harmonics

Power measurement is accomplished by using a high-power calibrated coupler or attenuator, which gets attached to the amplifier RF output connector. Harmonics are recorded similarly by increasing the input drive from the signal source. 

AC-DC Converter Testing Fundamentals

AC-DC conversion stage in front of any electronic equipment is needed. For this purpose, different solutions exist to convert the higher AC voltage to a lower and safe DC voltage.

Industry Insights
Base Station Measurement Automation Solution

The P7000 Base Station Measurement Automation Solution is a software platform that provides preconfigured test cases, reducing test development time and maintenance costs and speeding up your time to market. 

EMI Troubleshooting With The Latest-Generation Oscilloscopes

EMI/EMC regulations help to ensure reliable operation and safety for users of electrical and electronic equipment. Regulations limit the allowable radiated emissions, and to keep their products within these limits, designers invest significant time and effort. This application note describes techniques that may be used to determine the source of unwanted emissions, especially after an out-of-limits condition has been identified through formal testing or pre-compliance testing.

Supercharging A VNA With An RF Matrix Switch (VNAPort Extension)

Extending a VNA with a matrix switch can be one of the most cost-effective, modular, fastest, and least resource-intensive methods of reaching a desired port count.

EMC Test Chambers Case Study

Using proprietary modeling tools (numerical simulations to predict RF performance) along with building information modeling (BIM) during the design phase, ETS-Lindgren optimized Alter Technology's chamber configuration not only to fit perfectly into the limited space but also to maximize the chamber performance beyond the specified requirements.

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Featured Multimedia
5 Ways Our Filters Are Extending The Way For Peak Performance

Some aspects of microwave technology have advanced beyond traditional assumptions. Looking at several examples across different filter technologies and applications, we share some exceptions to the rules and how to spot an opportunity to challenge conventional thinking.

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Problems In EMC Test Setups...And How To Fix Them

Fixing faults in EMC test setups, especially those in test chambers, can tie test staff down for an inordinate amount of time. So, start saving time and money by finding out how to identify and fix them.

Featured Products And Resources
RF Conducted Immunity System: CI00401A

The Model CI00401A is a fully self-contained state of the art system designed to test RF conducted immunity. The CI00401 contains all the instruments needed to perform conducted immunity testing for automotive specifications. The system contains a signal generator, three channels of power monitoring, 100-W nominal AR amplifier 10 kHz to 400 MHz, directional coupler, and control software.

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GaAs MMIC Balanced mmWave Harmonic Mixer

MMH-35120H is a GaAs MMIC balanced harmonic mixer that features excellent conversion loss, superior isolations, and spurious performance across an incredibly broad bandwidth utilizing the third harmonic of the LO.

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Marki Microwave
NuPower KU-20-C01-S01 Solid-State Power Amplifier

The NuPower KU-20-C01-S01 is a small connectorized solid-state power amplifier that delivers over 20 watts of RF power to extend the operational range of data links and transmitters.

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NuWaves RF Solutions
Boonton RF Power Meter: PMX40

The PMX40 power meter from Boonton provides design engineers and technicians the utility of a traditional benchtop instrument, the flexibility and performance of modern USB RF power sensors, and the simplicity of a multi-touch display built with Boonton award-winning technology.

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