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05.14.24 -- Future Trends In Radar And Antenna Technology: A Comprehensive Overview


Future Trends In Radar And Antenna Technology: A Comprehensive Overview

Radar relies on antennas to transmit and receive signals, enabling various applications from traffic control to space surveillance. Future advancements focus on digital and cognitive systems for enhanced performance.


Testing Radar Warning Receivers (RWRs)

RWRs are critical Electronic Warfare (EW) assets for protecting platforms and saving lives. It is, therefore, very important that they are mission-ready, and the operators are fully trained.

Switch Filter Banks For Agile RF Receiver Design In Radar

In this installment of our RF Components for Radar series, we delve into switch filter banks, which are essential for optimizing radar performance in congested spectra.

XFdtd Analyzes Complex Beam Steering Antenna Arrays

In this article, Remcom demonstrates how XF’s superposition and array optimization features simplify the process for understanding device performance by providing efficient ways to validate array coverage.


Thermal Design For Semiconductors And High Power GaN

Navigating the complexities of thermal design is crucial for reliability in high-power applications. Let's delve into key considerations, focusing on gallium nitride (GaN) devices.

Performance-Leading Test Solutions In RF And Microwave Power Measurement

In this post, learn essential power measurement terminology, leading peak power and average power sensor capabilities, and how state-of-the-art solutions from Boonton can solve test challenges.


Elevating RF Direction Finding: Unraveling The Technical Excellence Of Narda ADFA

Teleste introduces CX4, The First European Style 1.8 GHz Amplifier

Rocket Lab Selects Subcontractors To Support SDA Satellite Constellation Development

Redwire Selected By Rocket Lab To Provide Antennas For Space Development Agency

iDirectGov Teams With Tampa Microwave For MILSATCOM Mission Readiness Solution

Fairview Microwave's Newest RF Fixed Attenuators Feature QMA Connectors

Practical Wireless Energy Transmission Possible With INFRGY's Energy Harvesting Circuit

Epiq Solutions Announces New Partnership With DeepSig

UMC Introduces 3D IC Solution For RFSOI, Accelerating Innovations In The 5G Era

Trident IoT Launches Taurus Z-Wave Series Silicon


DC To 35 / 43.3 To 59.9 GHz MMIC Diplexer: MDPX-00002CH

The MDPX-00002CH is a broadband passive MMIC diplexer, a combination low pass and high pass filters, capable of multiplexing low pass DC to 35.0 GHz and high pass 43.3 to 59.9 GHz signals.

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Marki Microwave

High- And Low-Voltage Power Supplies

dB Control’s airborne and ground-based high- and low-voltage power supplies have a 4-50kV output voltage, and a 200-7kW Power (Watts) range. They’re ideal for very low phase noise and spurious radar transmitters, SAR, multimode radars, data links, and other mission-critical military operations.

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dB Control

4.0 To 6.0 GHz, 1.0 KW Min Solid-State High-Power Amplifier: AMP4071P-1KW

The AMP4071P-1KW is a solid-state high-power pulse amplifier designed for applications requiring high peak pulse power in the 4.0 to 6.0 GHz frequency range.

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Exodus Advanced Communications

C-Band Radar Transponder: 258G

The ultra-miniature, all solid-state, lightweight transponder is designed for use as a tracking radar enhancement device in airborne applications such as missiles, UAVs, and full-size aircraft operating at instrumented ranges.

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