DC-35 / 43.3-59.9 GHz MMIC Diplexer: MDPX-00002CH

Marki - MDPX-00002CH

The MDPX-00002CH is a broadband passive MMIC diplexer, a combination low pass and high pass filters, capable of multiplexing low pass DC - 35.0 GHz and high pass 43.3 - 59.9 GHz signals.

Passive GaAs MMIC technology allows production of smaller filter constructions that replace larger form factor circuit board constructions. Tight fabrication tolerances allow for less unit-to-unit variation than traditional filter technologies. Low unit to unit variation allows for accurate simulations using the provided S3P file taken from measured production units.


  • 40 GHz Crossover Point
  • Low 0.4 dB LPF and 2 dB HPF typical Insertion Loss in Pass Band
  • High Stop Band Suppression
  • Excellent Return Loss