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09.26.23 -- AMTA 2023 – Novel Solutions To Challenging Measurement Problems


AMTA 2023 – Novel Solutions To Challenging Measurement Problems

AMTA 2023 – the premier conference dedicated to the field of antenna and related measurements – is just around the corner. Let’s take a look at what you can expect if you attend.


Testing For Coexistence In Crowded And Contested RF Environments

Explore some of the key research, development, test, and evaluation (RDT&E) challenges that arise when developing and deploying systems that need to operate in congested and/or contested RF environments.


Visionary Design & Performance For Mission-Critical Applications

Quantic PMI offers more than 4,000 commercial off-the-shelf models with test results, S-parameters, 3D models, and detailed specs available online on demand.

Base Station Measurement Automation Solution

The P7000 Base Station Measurement Automation Solution offers preconfigured test cases, cutting test development time and costs and accelerating your time to market.

Antenna Product Overview

The MVG product portfolio includes a wide variety of antennas optimized for specific applications, including range measurements, high-power, EMC testing, and telecommunications and navigation.

Top 10 Considerations For Automotive EMC Chamber Design And Testing

This resource will help you avoid the most common mistakes and outlines the important things to consider to successfully develop or refine an automotive EMC chamber and test design.


Highly Reliable Coaxial Switches With Options For Countless Applications

Coaxial switch customers require a variety of options for reliable switching in repeatable, high-power, extreme temperature, or custom switches.

Unlock The Full Potential Of Tri-Phase Motor Innovation

Learn how to design FOC-based BLDC/PMSM motors and program a microcontroller chip for motor control in our Qorvo Design Summit webinar summary.

Wi-Fi 6E Passive Components And RF Test Systems

JFW has introduced numerous new products to support testing the full range of frequencies allotted by Wi-Fi 6E.

Simplifying Radio Access Network Clocking Using Proven DSPLL Technology

The white paper discusses how using digital signal processing (DSP) and phase-locked loop (PLL) technology can simplify clocking in radio access networks.

Huygens Surface

XF’s Huygens surface collects steady-state electric and magnetic fields on a closed surface encapsulating a device. These field values accurately capture antenna radiation characteristics.


Marki Microwave Acquires Precision Millimeter Wave Business

Teledyne e2v HiRel Releases Ultra-Low Noise Amplifier For Space Applications

Ranatec Selected To Build Advanced Signal Processing Hardware For SKAO

Keysight Awarded Two Open Networks Ecosystem Competition Grants

Gallium Semiconductor Expands Portfolio With First ISM CW Amplifier

Anritsu, MPI, ATV Systems To Showcase 6G AiP Measurements At EuMW 2023

Gapwaves Unveils MLW Technology For High-Frequency Low-Loss Solutions

Telit Cinterion Announces WE310K6; Low Energy Module Enables Rapid Development

CPI Vertex Antennentechnik To Provide Ka-Band Antennas For SES's O3b mPOWER

u-blox Introduces NEO-F10N, Optimal For Meter-Level Position Accuracy

BroadWave Technologies Introduced A 75 Ohm Power Divider Series

San-Tron Announces New High Performance 2.4mm & 1.85mm Precision Adapters


Video: Why Is Low Phase Noise Critical For Radar Systems?

Why is low phase noise critical for radar systems?β€―In this video, learn phase noise basics, how Doppler radar systems function, why excessive phase noise impacts radar system performance, and the best-in-class phase noise analysis and RF synthesis solutions.


Antenna Factor And Gain Calculations

Have a gain value but need the antenna factor? Or the other way around? This calculator will calculate the antenna factor(dB/m), gain (dBi), and gain (numeric) values.


20 MHz - 6 GHz, 20 Watt Min Solid-State, High-Power Amplifier: AMP2034A

The AMP2034A solid-state, high-power amplifier operates within the frequency range of 20 MHz to 6.0 GHz with a minimum power output of 20 watts at Psat and a typical power output of 5 watts at 1dB. compression.

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Exodus Advanced Communications

Amplifier Module With Break Point: KMW2026-M5

KMW2026M5 is an RF power amplifier module for OEM applications or integration into a user's system. This model has a break in the amplifier chain allowing for an external filter.

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