From The Editor | September 18, 2023

AMTA 2023 – Novel Solutions To Challenging Measurement Problems

John Oncea

By John Oncea, Editor

GettyImages-1309282904 antenna towers

AMTA 2023 – the premier conference dedicated to the field of antenna and related measurements – is just around the corner. Let’s take a look at what you can expect if you can attend.

Since 1979 the Antenna Measurement Techniques Association (AMTA) has brought together a unique mix of international experts to present the latest research and showcase the newest products and services. This year, the 45th Annual Meeting and Symposium of the AMTA, hosted by the Boeing Company and co-hosted by ETS-Lindgren, will take place October 8 – 13 at the Hyatt Regency Lake Washington at Seattle’s Southport, Renton.

“Our host committee has worked hard to create an exceptional event,” writes Dennis Lewis, Boeing Technical Fellow and AMTA 2023 Host Committee Chair. “We continue the tradition of featuring a strong technical program and exhibition, as well as an exciting social program.”

“The technical program,” continues Lewis, “kicks off with AMTA Boot Camp, a one-day course on antenna and related measurement fundamentals taught by a group of seven industry and academic professionals. The technical sessions will be launched by keynote speaker, Dr. Nima Mahanfar, Senior Manager of Antenna Development for Amazon’s Project Kuiper.” Other highlights include:

  • IEEE Invited Speaker, Dr. Stefano Maci of the University of Siena, Italy, will discuss the new paradigm of smart radio environment (SRE) from the perspective of metasurface-based intelligent surfaces (IS).
  • EurAAP Invited Speaker, Dr. Manuel Sierra Castañer of the University of Madrid, Spain, who will review today’s challenges in antenna measurements and summarize some of the most important advances in mobile communications for automotive, space, and defense applications.
  • Dr. Bing Brunton, Professor and H. Stewart Parker Faculty Fellow at the University of Washington, Department of Biology, will present the Thursday Lunch and Learn focusing on the transformative potential of data processing, including Big Data, machine learning, and compressed sensing.

As always, attendees can spend the time between sessions in the Exhibits Hall meeting colleagues from over 30 industry companies, the finish out the week with an exclusive technical tour of The Boeing Company’s iconic 737 Production Facility.

What Is The Antenna​ ​Measurement​ ​Techniques Association?

AMTA​ ​is​ ​a ​​nonprofit,​ ​international​ ​organization dedicated​ ​to​ the​ ​development​ ​and​ ​dissemination​ ​of​ ​theory,​ ​best​ ​practices​ ​, and​ ​applications​ ​of​ ​antenna, radar​ ​signature​ ​, and​ ​other​ ​electromagnetic​ ​measurement​ ​technologies and sprung from the desire of Joe Pape to form a user group for Scientific-Atlanta’s antenna pattern measurement system.

Pape distributed a questionnaire to determine interest in such a group and received overwhelming interest. However, the response also indicated the need for a broader field including antenna, radome, and radar cross-section measurements.

In late 1978, Pape was authorized to pursue the formation of the group and, in March 1979, an organizational meeting was held to determine the focus of the group and make plans for the first event. It was decided at the meeting that the Association would meet periodically to stay abreast of the latest applications of advanced antenna measurement techniques and equipment. The original forum topics included:

  • Advanced measurement techniques, such as automatic systems and near-field testing
  • System/equipment interfacing problems and solutions
  • Measurement/equipment and evaluations
  • Antenna range design and evaluations

The First Annual Business Meeting and Symposium, hosted by Scientific-Atlanta, was held at the Presidential Hotel in Atlanta on October 18, 1979. The two-day symposium included a Scientific-Atlanta series 2020 Antenna Analyzer User Workshop, an open forum discussion, and tours of local antenna measurement facilities.

Pape led the business meeting, which was held after the symposium. Approximately 80 founding members attended, and 19 technical papers were presented. The annual membership fee, included with the registration of this event, was $10.

It was decided that the meeting and symposium would be held annually, and to alternate the meeting location between the East and West coasts of the U.S. The second annual symposium was held October 14 – 15, 1980 in Redondo Beach, CA, and was attended by approximately 80 members.

Today around 500 AMTA members come from a variety of backgrounds including industry, government, and educational institutions. The yearly symposium attracts around 500 attendees with approximately 100 technical papers presented.

In addition, there are numerous formal and informal networking opportunities throughout the week designed to help members of the Antenna community connect. The symposium’s educational component provides attendees an opportunity to learn about innovative theories and practices from around the world.

The exhibition provided attendees with an opportunity to talk shop with many exhibitors and discover the latest trends and advancements in antenna design, material measurements, radar cross-section, test solutions, and services. It is here that attendees can test drive equipment and ask questions along the way, allowing them to make more informed decisions all year long.