Application Note

Huygens Surface

Source: Remcom, Inc.

Accurately transfer antenna radiation characteristics for use outside XFdtd. 

XF’s Huygens surface collects steady-state electric and magnetic fields on a closed surface encapsulating a device.  These field values accurately capture antenna radiation characteristics and can be exported for use in a ray-tracing simulation tool like Wireless InSite.  In addition to the fields, a phase center and geometric reference points relative to the geometry are specified.

The phase center is used in ray-tracing as the origin or termination point of ray paths for transmitters and receivers, respectively.  The geometric reference point provides an easy method for placing and orienting the box of fields inside the propagation environment.  Once inside Wireless InSite, communication metrics such as throughput, received power, and SINR can be computed.

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(Left) Antenna geometry simulated in XFdtd. (Right) Huygens box representation available for export.