1. RF Transistors
    Wideband RF transistors are optimized for amplification of DAB and DAR signals
  2. VRF152 -- RF Power Vertical MOSFET Transistor
    The new VRF152 from Microsemi is a gold-metalized silicon n-channel RF power transistor designed for broadband commercial and hi-rel applications requiring high power and gain without compromising reliability, ruggedness, or inter-modulations distortion. It can operate up to 175MHz at 150W with a typical gain of 13dB at very high efficiency on a 50V DC supply.
  3. RF Transistor for Secondary Surveillance Radar Aviation: 1011GN-700ELM

    This common source class AB, GaN on SiC HEMT RF power transistor has been specifically designed for Mode-S ELM applications, and secondary surveillance radar (SSR) applications. SSR allows air traffic controllers to identify, track, and measure an airplane’s location.

  4. 50-Ohm GaN RF Input-Matched Transistor: QPD1000

    Qorvo offers a wideband, 28 V, 50-Ohm input-matched RF transistor that is ideal for commercial and defense communications applications. This device has an integrated matching network that allows for wideband gain and power performance, while the output is simultaneously matched to optimize power and efficiency for any region within the band.

  5. MDS1100 Avionics Transistor
    APT-RF’s Avionics Transistor, Mode-S 1100W, Class C, common base power transistor is designed for standard Mode-S 128uS pulsing at 1030 MHz...
  6. RF Power Transistors for Aerospace and Defense
    600 W LDMOS pulsed power transistor intended for TCAS and IFF applications in the 1030 MHz 1090 MHz range.
    Compliant to Directive 2002/95/EC, regarding restriction of hazardous substances, designed for broadband operation (1030 MHz to 1090 MHz). It has easy power control, excellent ruggedness, excellent thermal stability, high efficiency, high flexibility with respect to pulse formats, Integrated ESD protection and Internally matched for ease of use.
  7. RF Transistor: 2729GN-500V

    Microsemi’s 2729GN-500V RF transistor is based on GaN on SiC technologies and targeted at high-power air traffic control airport surveillance radar applications. The 2729GN-500V delivers unparalleled performance of 500W of peak power with 12 dB of power gain and 53% drain efficiency over band 2.7 to 2.9 GHz band.

  8. RF Power Transistor: 250 Watt, 50 Volt HF50-250
    The HF50-250 RF Power transistor is designed for the 50V, 2-30 MHz RF Amplifier, RF Power Supply and RF Power Generator markets. Operating at 30 MHz and 50 Volts DC, the device will provide a minimum Power Gain of 14.5 dB, with the minimum Output Power specified at 250 Watts, PEP.
  9. MDS500L Avionics Bipolar Transistor
    The MDS500L is a Vcc = 50V, class C bipolar transistor specifically designed to handle the heavy pulsing of the Mode-S ELM format (32uS on / 18uS off x 48pulses burst). The transistor provides greater than 500W of output power with an input power of 70W...
  10. 1800 Watt, 1.0 - 1.1 GHz GaN RF Input-Matched Transistor: QPD1025

    Qorvo offers the QPD1025 discrete GaN on SiC RF transistor that is ideal for IFF transponder and avionics applications. This device features over 1800 W output power, 65 V operating voltage, and a specific frequency range of 1.0 to 1.1 GHz.