Test And Measurement Products

  1. 10 MHz To 6200 MHz Signal Analyzer APPH6000
    Anapico’s 10 MHz to 6200 MHz Signal Analyzer is ideal for applications involving supply noise verification, crystal oscillator and VCO testing, automated production testing, PLL synthesizer locking and characterization, and general purpose phase noise tests.
  2. 2500 Series Fast Switching Frequency Synthesizer
    The 2500 Series represents Aeroflex’s highest performance synthesizers and exemplifies cutting edge performance. The 2500 Series synthesizers are faster, cleaner, smaller and more rugged than their predecessor, the FS5000, and also have improved — the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)- exceeds 16,000 hours.
  3. Cable For Bench-Top Testing: RF Orange™

    The Industry Standard for Bench Testing

    •          Lowest cost per measurement™ 
    •          Phase & amplitude stable
    •          DC-70 GHz
  4. Remote Analyzers with Receiver Characteristics

    The NRA family of remote network analyzers recently received an upgrade to its line. The NRA RX is a new generation of RF analyzers ideal for radio monitoring applications. This is due to their ability to analyze signals up to 6 GHz in the frequency and time domains, while exhibiting receiver-like characteristics at the same time.

  5. K Band Motion Sensor Modules: SSM Series

    These motion sensor modules are short range Doppler sensors that operate in the K band. They’re ideal for traffic radar systems, automatic door openers, dual mode security systems, and automatic production lines.

  6. Portable ELINT Data Collection Solution With Spectrum Awareness And Advanced Pulse Processing

    D-TA Systems offers the MFEL 1000 portable ELINT data collection solution designed to provide automatic spectrum scanning for signal activity (pulse or CW), PDW extraction and de-interleaving to tracks where signal characterization is performed automatically. The system includes a built-in 6 TB (expandable to 18 TB) SSD data storage for I/Q data collection in both on-site and off-site analysis.

  7. InCal Calibration Module: Z1011A

    ATE Systems’ Z1011A InCal Calibration Module is an in-line network calibration instrument that is designed to be able to calibrate products at any time, with or without a connected device under test (DUT), and without any user intervention or having to make changes to the hardware configuration.

  8. 4 GHz Analog Signal Generator: Model 835-4

    The 835-4 fast-switching, low-noise signal generator covers the 9 kHz to 4 GHz frequency range. It’s been designed as an alternative to bench-top RF signal generators and is an ideal solution for applications that require a high-quality CW source.

  9. Synthesizers
    Microsemi-RFIS offers a variety of frequency synthesizers designed for applications where small step size, low phase-noise, broad tuning range, and low power consumption are required. These products are designed to meet the demanding requirements of field portable SatCom terminals, control links for UAVs, and test/measurement applications.
  10. Chip Scale Package EMI/RFI Filter Arrays
    The WLP200 is an evaluation RC filter network suited for mobile equipment. The device consists of 6 channel RC filters with different...