1. Application Example: Matching Network Design For GPS/ Bluetooth Antenna

    This application note describes how the XFdtd's Circuit Element Optimizer is used to determine optimal matching component values for a dual purpose antenna.

  2. Brochure: Full Wave Matching Circuit Optimization In XFdtd

    Determining the final set of component values in a matching network can be a challenging process.  XFdtd’s Circuit Element Optimizer simplifies and speeds the process of matching the antenna.

  3. White Paper: Overview Of XFdtd’s Circuit Element Optimizer

    XFdtd® 3D Electromagnetic Simulation Software is designed to analyze antenna and matching circuit structures using the full wave Finite-Difference Time-Domain (FDTD) simulation method. XF’s Circuit Element Optimizer utilizes full wave analysis of the software to select the component values for a given printed circuit board (PCB) layout.

  4. Thermal Sensor In 64 MHz Birdcage Coil

    In this paper, a lowpass birdcage coil designed to operate at 64 MHz is simulated to show B fields in both unloaded and loaded conditions. 

  5. EM Simulation of Liver Probe for Thermal Ablation

    This application example illustrates an antenna design for hepatic microwave ablation simulated in liver tissue. 

  6. Application Example: Lightning Strike on Wind Turbine

    In this example, the impacts of a lightning strike on a simplified wind turbine are compared for different strike locations by comparing the magnetic fields created inside the nacelle.

  7. Presentation: High-Fidelity RCS Simulation of a Turbine Blade

    Radar scattering from a turbine’s moving blades can interfere with Doppler radar systems, producing ghost images.  Understanding the scattering properties of a blade can provide radar manufacturers with the necessary information to mitigate any potential issues.

  8. Vehicle-To-Vehicle Communication Using MPI + GPU Technology

    Inter-vehicle communication (IVC) systems promise many potentially beneficial services. This example considers an IVC system functioning in highway traffic conditions on a dry road surface. XFdtd EM Simulation Software provides an accurate and efficient evaluation of actual operating scenarios prior to fabrication.

  9. Analysis Of Wi-Fi Propagation in Aircraft Interior Using MPI + GPU Technology

    In-flight Wi-Fi access is being introduced to many commercials flights; however, due to the complex cabin environment with varying passenger sizes and seating layouts, it's possible for poor signal reception to occur. Recently a study was performed experimentally where sacks of potatoes were used to simulate passengers in an aircraft in an attempt to eliminate low-signal areas. Simulating such problems was virtually impossible in the past due to the large size of the aircraft cabin and the high frequencies involved. With XFdtd, these simulations are possible due to the large memory and MPI + GPU processing features.

  10. White Paper: Using Simulation To Optimize Safety, Performance, And Cost Savings When Integrating An Antenna Onto A Platform

    Successful integration of an antenna onto a vehicle platform poses many challenges, particularly when the intended use is for military operations.