IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium Videos

  1. Applications Of USB VNAs

    James Martin with Diamond Engineering discusses the applications and capabilities of USB vector network analyzers with frequency extenders from Copper Mountain Technology for antenna measurements.

  2. Which Programmable Attenuator System Is Right For My Lab?

    Bryan Walker with JFW discusses what to consider in order to make the best possible choice when selecting which programmable attenuator is right for your lab.

  3. Securing Incremental Design And Root Cause Analysis

    Michel Durr with Leti discusses some of the challenges involved in managing RF and mmWave technology design iteration, as well as some methodologies to address ongoing revisions in the technology.

  4. The Benefits Of 65V Technology

    Gavin Smith with NXP Semiconductors discusses the benefits of 65V transistors for applications requiring higher power systems.

  5. Improving Throughput And Test Set Up Efficiency

    Stephanie Jarno with Huber+Suhner discusses the importance of having the right cable assembly for your VNA application.

  6. How 28nm Converters Are Enabling 5G

    Jarrod Marshall with Analog Devices discusses advancements in 28nm converters and how they’ve impacting 5G technology.

  7. Simplifying A Radiated Immunity Test Set Up

    Jon Jacocks with Empower RF Systems discusses the traditional radiated immunity test set up and how the use of “smart” amplifier technology can greatly simplify it while reducing cost.

  8. How To Compare Datasheets Appropriately

    Datasheet comparisons can at times be misleading depending on which testing methods were used, or the environmental conditions in which the testing took place. John Coonrod with Rogers Corporation explains how engineers can cut down on some of the confusion, and also covers the importance of understanding which testing methods were used to collect the data.

  9. Challenges In Transitioning Military Tech To The Commercial Sector

    Chris Brown with Northrop Grumman Microelectronics discusses some of the challenges in leveraging their expertise in military technology to products for the commercial sector, as well as some of the trends he’s observed at IMS 2017.

  10. What To Consider With Analog Signal Generators

    Lawrence Wilson with Rohde & Schwarz discusses the importance of output power and signal purity in analog signal generators.