IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium Videos

  1. How Solid State Amplifiers Are Addressing New And Existing Applications

    Rob Rowe with AR discusses the current state of solid state amplifier’s pace of technology, and how advancements in higher linearity, reduced harmonics, and higher power are impacting applications involving wireless communications, testing in consumer, aerospace, and automotive applications, and more.

  2. Mitigating Vibration Effects On Oscillators

    Greg Rogers with Bliley Technologies discusses quartz crystals, their G-sensitivity, and how his company mitigates the effects of vibration on their oscillators.

  3. Overcoming Challenges In 5G Antenna Design, Radio Coverage, And Channel Analysis

    C.J. Reddy with Altair Engineering discusses some of the unique challenges associated with antenna design in the age of 5G and IoT and what EM simulation software’s potential role is in addressing those challenges.

  4. High Power RF Switch Considerations

    Don Pavlek with Corry Micronics discusses design considerations for high power RF switches. Watch the video to learn more about peak power, the impact of switching speeds, how the switch is packaged, and more.

  5. Why You Can’t Always Trust Claims Of Unconditional Stability In Amplifiers

    Alan Ake with Guerrilla RF explains why engineers should be skeptical when a linear driver or LNA’s datasheet claims to feature unconditional stability.

  6. Key Aspects To Consider When Selecting A Production VNA

    Stan Oda with Anritsu discusses considerations for selecting a vector network analyzer for production applications.

  7. Design Considerations For mmWave 5G Solutions

    Andrew Christie with Peregrine Semiconductor spoke with us about what one should consider when developing mmWave 5G solutions for applications involving fixed wireless access and access points for the densification of city areas.

  8. When Does GaN Make Sense For Linear FEMs?

    At IMS 2017, Bror Peterson with Qorvo spoke with us about some of the trades that led his company to use GaN for linear FEMs for 5G phased array.

  9. Product Video: Solid State RF Power Amplifier Module For Radar Applications

    Our final video at IMS 2016 features CPI’s C-Band GaN solid state RF power amplifier module for maritime and defense radars, and high performance weather radars.

  10. Bringing The Element Of Portability To High Power Amplifiers In Complex Systems

    Innovation tends to lag in the power amplifier side of the system-upgrade business, and hardware systems designers may not fully understand the potential element of portability is solid state amplifiers. Jon Jacocks with Empower RF spent a few minutes with us on the last day of IMS 2016 to discuss the issue.