Featured Videos

  1. Joe DiBiase Talks AR Systems

    EMC TV interviews Joe DiBiase on the different advantages that AR’s systems offers to customers.

  2. Chatting With Don Shepherd At The 2018 EMC SIPI Show

    In this video, EMC TV interviews Don Shepherd, founder of AR (Amplifier Research), at the 2018 EMC SIPI Show.

  3. Video Review Of The 855 Series GUI - Synchronized Frequency And Power Sweeps

    BNC’s 855 Series RF/Microwave Signal Generators offer significant advantages over multiple instruments synchronized to a common trigger, including ultra-low phase noise, fast switching, and an easy GUI for benchtop applications. Up to 8 outputs are available with phase-coherent 20 GHz signals. This video tutorial will step through the provided GUI and explain setup of multi-channel synchronized sweeps using imported lists or manual sweep point entries.

  4. WaveFarer™ Automotive Radar Simulation Software

    WaveFarer is a unique software tool created specifically for automotive radar sensor design and placement.  It enables Tier 1 suppliers to virtually test and refine results earlier in the design process, improving installed sensor performance.

  5. Testing Drones—The Challenges And Smart Solutions

    As drones become more and more affordable for civilian use, they must be tested properly to ensure optimal performance in a wide variety of applications. This white paper discusses the emergence of non-military drones, presents some of the challenges associated with their testing, and proposes a number of viable solutions.

  6. Let’s Talk IoT – How To Test NB-IoT Network And System Performance

    This video discusses best practices for testing NB-IoT networks, including the testing of network performance and system performance. The video also presents key metrics when using an NB-IoT device for data collection connected to R&S®ROMES4 mobile network optimization software.

  7. Experts For Densified Mobile Network Architectures For C-RAN And Smart Cities

    HUBER+SUHNER offers their expertise in densified mobile network architectures for C-RAN and smart city applications. These infrastructures are designed to increase the flexibility of the physical layer, offering high bandwidth and low latency solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s technologies.

  8. How To Characterize Differential Noise Figure Of Multi-Port Devices

    In our last video at IMS 2018, Steve Reyes from Anritsu Company demonstrates the ability to perform differential noise figure measurements with the VectorStar VNA. Check out the full video for the complete measurement process, as well as the benefits this approach has to offer.

  9. Considerations In Choosing The Ideal Semiconductor Vendor For Your 5G Applications

    Michael Zeihl, Vice President and General Manager of MACOM, took time out of his afternoon at IMS 2018 to talk to us about choosing the optimal semiconductor vendor for 5G applications. To help avoid costly mistakes and time delays, a vendor should have a wide range of available technologies, deep application knowledge and understanding, and the capability to collaborate at all stages of a product’s production process. Check out the video for more information.

  10. Product Obsolescence Affecting The Industry

    Jeff Broxson of Guerrilla RF discusses the issue the growing issue of product obsolescence in the RF industry. Check out the video for more information on possible solutions.