Featured Videos

  1. Wireless InSite Intro Series: Creating And Editing Indoor Floor Plans

    This video introduces Wireless InSite's Floor Plan tools and shows the user how to create and edit an indoor environment. The demonstration includes the placement of walls, doorways, and windows, along with material selection from Wireless InSite's material database. In addition to the 2D floor plan editor, the video also demonstrates how to make edits within the 3D display.

  2. Wind Turbines And Aircraft In The Presence Of Ground Clutter

    This short animation shows predicted RCS from an air traffic control radar with an aircraft flying over a wind farm, before and after the static ground clutter (returns from terrain) are filtered out. A basic filter has then been applied to remove the portions of returns with 0-Doppler (static clutter from the ground and wind turbine towers) to approximate what a radar might see after attempting to filter out objects not in motion. Although actual radars have much more sophisticated signal processing, this basic before/after animation of RCS from subsequent scans shows the problem that standard Doppler filtering would encounter when processing returns from a wind farm.

  3. Wireless InSite Intro Series: Advanced Floor Plan Editing

    This video expands a basic floor plan design into a six-story office building. Wireless InSite's duplication tools make it easy to add levels and floors to the model. In addition, the creation of stairwells and a central glass atrium with a peaked roof are shown.

  4. Defining and Placing Receiver Sets in Wireless InSite

    This video demonstrates the antenna sets within Wireless InSite and walks users through the available options. Users will also learn how to assemble an antenna set and choose their antenna pattern. The video also covers Wireless InSite’s visualization tools, which allow the user to see how their antennas are oriented within the antenna set.

  5. User Defined And Imported Antenna Patterns In Wireless InSite

    This video explores Wireless InSite’s basic antenna functionality. Users will be introduced to several built-in antenna types and will also learn how to import their own user-defined antenna patterns. The video also showcases Wireless InSite's built in functionality for defining and visualizing antenna patterns within the software.

  6. Simulating Multipath Between Wind Turbines
    Using XGtd, Remcom engineers can simulate the propagation paths of fields interacting with two wind turbines in close proximity. XGtd then generates a movie that shows the directions and magnitudes of the strongest propagation paths, including multipath occurring between the turbines.The following movie clip shows directions and magnitudes of the strongest propagation paths.
  7. Importing A CAD Model And Assigning Material Properties In XFdtd

    This video demonstrates how XFdtd allows the user to create and manipulate extremely detailed models. A CAD model of a sedan is imported and then material properties are assigned for each part. The result is a very accurate model of the vehicle which can be used as a test bed for antenna simulations.