Demonstration Videos IMS-MTT 2017

  1. High-Frequency Electromagnetic Simulator Featured At IMS2012

    Ammar Kouki, vice president of ElectroMagneticWorks, gives a brief introduction of his company's low-frequency and high-frequency electromagnetic simulation software.

  2. New Phase Noise Analysis Solution Released At IMS2012

    In this video, Leyla Bly, director of software development at Holzworth Instrumentation, introduces the new HA7062A phase noise analyzer.

  3. Solid-State Microwave Oven (Yes, An Oven) Makes Debut At IMS2012

    Leonard Pelletier, applications support manager for Freescale's RF Division, introduces us to a new solid-state microwave oven design (a rarity at IMS!) that uses a Freescale RF transistor as an energy source, in place of the traditional magnetron.

  4. Signal Generators With WLAN 802.11ac Generation And Analysis Capability At IMS2012

    David Asquith, product manager at Aeroflex, showcases a new feature on their S-Series signal generators.

  5. Size Matters: Unprecedented 1-kW Power Amplifier In A 5U Chassis Featured At IMS2012

    Jon Jacocks introduces Empower RF Systems, a provider of solid state power amplifier solutions 6 GHz and below.

  6. Emerging Millimeter Wave Applications Benefit From Frequency Extension Technology Discussed At IMS2012

    OML is a market leader in millimeter wave measurements from 50 to 500 GHz. In this video, David Vondran, program/marketing manager, demonstrates how frequency extension technology can overcome inherent microwave limitations in today’s network analyzers, spectrum analyzers, and signal generators.

  7. GaN Power Transistors And SPDT Switch Featured At IMS2012

    Kal Shallal, applications engineering manager for RFMD's GaN power products, talks about two RFMD broadband GaN power transistors and a broadband GaN RF SPDT switch.

  8. Superior LTE-A Transceiver Performance Featured At IMS2012

    Greg Bachmanek, applications engineer with Hittite Microwave, shows us how Hittite can help achieve superior LTE-A transceiver performance through using their wideband PLL + VCO fractional-N synthesizers.

  9. Microwave Filters And Integrated Assemblies For Military, Commercial, And Space At IMS2012

    Sanil Prabhakar, sales application engineer for Networks International Corp. (NIC), introduces his company and provides insight into why you should consider them as the filter manufacturer for your next military, commercial, or space solution.

  10. Phase Noise Analyzers With Industry's Lowest Residual Phase Noise Performance At IMS2012

    Guillaume De Giovanni, president of NoiseXT, introduces the NXA Series of phase noise analyzers. This series makes phase noise testing simple by utilizing a new one-box system design.