Feature Articles

  1. Is An ASIC Right For Your Next IoT Product?

    Application specific integrated circuits (ASICs) have become much cheaper and more flexible over the years, offering many more capabilities and significant benefits for a wider range of applications. So how do you know if using an ASIC is ideal for your application? 

  2. Outsourced Operations: Reduce Risk, Accelerate Ramp, Manage Complexity

    Outsourcing operations, provides a method of leveraging the knowledge and relationships of an experienced team to reduce costs, risk, and the potential of failure. This white paper discusses what to consider when outsourcing operations, and what advantages to expect from utilizing this method.

  3. Pioneering Real Wireless Power Delivery At Ossia Inc.: FEKO In The Simulation Process

    Ossia Inc.creates ecosystems for delivering smart wireless power to the small devices. This case study discusses how the Cota technology works and how FEKO has been a powerful enabling tool for technology development at Ossia.

  4. Power Supply Management Of GaN MMIC Power Amplifiers For Pulsed Radar

    Today’s management systems must be extremely flexible, reusable, and easily adaptable to various RF amplifier architectures. Their enclosed RF amplifier MMICs are expensive, and as a result, the performance and temperatures of these systems must be monitored in real time.

  5. Conducted And Over The Air Antenna Array Testing – The Way To 5G

    5G networks need to be designed to offer more capacity and flexibility while lowering overall systems operation expenses. This paper discusses various test solutions that can address current and future requirements for antenna verification, including conducted and over-the-air test methods.

  6. Wideband Optical Modulator And Detector Characterization: Uncertainties And The Impact On Eye Diagrams/Time Domain Modeling

    Optical modulators and detectors have been characterized and calibrated over the years, but less attention has been given to the optimization of converter measurement uncertainties in a practical user context. Since frequency dependencies of various error mechanisms are different, the wide bandwidths could require procedural changes for optimum results. This paper explores these characterization and calibration processes, as well as the net uncertainties, and their impact on example eye diagram generation.

  7. Electronic Packaging: Using EMI Material-Based Solutions

    It can be difficult when individual components could pass EMI testing but, as the components are combined into subsystems or into the final product, the DUT fails. Incorporating EMI shielding materials as part of an initial design is the most cost-effective way to prevent these last-minute issues during testing.

  8. Microwave Power Dividers And Couplers Tutorial

    Power dividers and couplers are straightforward passive components. To design a component with high performance, designers must give attention to design detail, design execution, and fabrication quality. This article discusses power dividers and couplers and defines related terminology.

  9. Considerations When Choosing An RF Power Amplifier

    This white paper talks about the important operating parameters to consider when choosing an amplifier, from operating efficiency and output power level to linearity and mismatch tolerance.

  10. Introduction To SAW Filter Theory And Design Techniques

    Tradeoffs must be considered when selecting the best filter for system design applications. SAW filter technology offers reduced size and weight, which results in lower overall costs. This paper presents general SAW theory and performance information.