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11.15.22 -- Top 5 Questions About 6G Technology

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Top 5 Questions About 6G Technology

6G wireless technology will be much more than just faster data rates and lower latency. Among other goals, 6G intends to address issues in security, sustainability, business, and industry.

How To Measure The RF Power Of Wide Wi-Fi 6 Channels

Wireless Telecom Group breaks down how to overcome Wi-Fi 6 testing challenges, particularly Wi-Fi 6 channel bandwidths and the subsequent performance demands on RF power measurement test equipment.

Highly Reliable Coaxial Switches With Options For Countless Applications

Coaxial switch customers require a variety of options for reliable switching in repeatable, high-power, extreme temperature, or custom switches.

Magnetic Resonance Wire Coil Losses Estimation With FDTD Method

This white paper investigates the accuracy of the finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method for separately estimating coil conductor and radiative loss contributions.

Industry 4.0 From The Semiconductor Industry’s Perspective

Referred to frequently as Industry 4.0, this paradigm shift is a global trend toward the digitization and networking of the industrial value chain and its products. Here, learn about the challenges semiconductor manufacturers face and what opportunities have arisen. 

FAQ: Spatium SSPA Products And Applications

This list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) assists users in understanding solid state power amplifier (SSPA) technology, input/output requirements, and a high-level functional description.

How To Speak Radar: Basic Fundamentals And Applications

The evolution of radar has grown steadily over the decades to its present level that employs sophisticated computerized techniques, which has stimulated the development of increasingly complex components. This white paper provides a basic introduction to radar technologies and to the application of radar equipment.

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Video: The Basics Of Video Bandwidth And Rise Time

Video bandwidth (VBW) and rise time are essential parameters for accurate power measurements and waveform analysis. Boonton has test equipment with leading VBW and rise time capabilities, such as the RTP5000 Series real-time USB peak power sensor with up to 195 MHz of VBW and rise times as fast as 3 nanoseconds.

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Mastering EVM: Optimizing Your Test Setup

We explore how to optimize your test setup by evaluating both the generator and analyzer specifications, as well as how to test to ensure the performance you require.

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75-Ohm Fixed Attenuator
JFW’s Model 75FP-XXX-3G is a 75-ohm coaxial fixed attenuator rated at 0.5 watts maximum RF input power that operates DC-3 GHz. Available dB values are from 1 dB to 30 dB. The RF connectors can be BNC male/female, N male/female, or F male/female.
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JFW Industries, Inc.
Space Qualified And Thermal Vacuum Coaxial Terminations

KRYTAR's selection of rugged 50-ohm mechanical coaxial terminations are useful for unused ports and isolated ports of hybrids and combiners, as well as protection against signal reflections.

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Rack Mount Amplifiers

AR Modular RF's rack mount and top amplifier systems cover wide frequency spectrums and offer diverse ranges of power for communications, medical, scientific, and industrial applications. 

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AR Modular RF
Field Probes And Field Monitoring: FL8000 And MP Series
The FL8000 and MP Series for field monitoring and probes by AR offer a three-in-one solution used for measuring continuous-wave, pulsed, and modulated electric fields. Applications for the FL8000 Series include commercial, automotive, military, and aviation. This series offers exceptional linearity and dynamic range performance, enabling the accuracy required for demanding testing. With fiber power connectivity, the FL8000 Series provides an easy migration path, while delivering the reliability that AR is known for.
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MMIC Power Amplifier: CMPA0560008S

Packaged in a 5×5 mm plastic overmold QFN, the CMPA0560008S provides performance and robustness in a small form factor, allowing customers to improve SWaP-C benchmarks in their next-gen systems.

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Wolfspeed, A Cree Company