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03.28.24 -- T&M Trends | A Look Back At A G.O.A.T. | Free And Fast Circuit Simulation | Calculating Near-Field And Far-Field Distances


Exploring Current Test And Measurement Trends And Innovations

The test and measurement industry is evolving, driven by technologies like Industry 4.0, AI, and ML, all providing a competitive edge.

Did Science Really Do Rosalind Franklin Dirty?

Watson and Crick get the credit, but DNA would not have been discovered when it was if not for the work of Rosalind Franklin. Was she ignored because she was a woman? Or is the controversy overblown?


Free And Fast Circuit Simulation For Mixed Analog And Digital

QSPICE, an advanced SPICE simulator, redefines circuit analysis with groundbreaking mixed-signal capabilities. Its creators detail what makes it a game-changer for design engineers.

Antenna Near-Field And Far-Field Distance Calculator

Antenna separation distance has different regions depending on size and wavelength where performance changes gradually. This tool calculates near-field and far-field distances.

EMI Debugging Using Fast FFT With MXO Oscilloscopes

Explore the MXO oscilloscope's EMI debugging capabilities, including gated FFT, superior RF performance, and advanced analysis features.


Using CCDF As A Method Of Measuring P1dB And P3dB

Analyzing complex digitally modulated signals requires statistical tools like CCDF curves. These curves provide insights into peak power capabilities and compression characteristics of amplifiers.

The Ultimate Guide To Electromechanical Switch Terminology

With so many coaxial switch options out there, it helps to know some common RF electromechanical switch terminology before you determine specification requirements. This guide includes everything you need to know about switches for the commercial, military, and wireless industries so you can make more informed decisions.


Keysight Accelerates Its 6G Efforts With NVIDIA 6G Research Cloud Platform

HyperLight Expands Electro-Optical Modulator Product Line

Amphenol RF Introduces Wi-Fi 6E Antennas To Enhance Wireless Connectivity

Arctic Semiconductor Unveils SilverWings: A Low-Power All-In-One RF Transceiver

Efficient Signal Distribution Is Hallmark Of Pasternack's New Waveguide Power Dividers

Ultra Low Insertion Loss Athermal AWG Multiplexers

PAWR Program Announces Expansion Of AERPAW Drone Testbed

MatSing Announces Support For Satellite Applications Leveraging Its Lens Antenna Solutions

NVIDIA Unveils 6G Research Cloud Platform To Advance Wireless Communications With AI

Cubic To Demonstrate Radio Over IP Technologies At The IWCE


Demonstration of XFdtd's Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Testing Features

Learn how to use XF's features for ESD testing as we walk through the process of analyzing a multi-layer PCB and identifying potential locations of dielectric breakdown.


Product Catalog — February 2024

Explore the latest in high-performance, broadband microwave technology, supporting multiple form factors, including die, surface mount, and connectorized solutions for the entire RF block diagram.


7 Unforgettable Ways IoT Is Reinventing Product Design

As the Internet of Things IoT has grown, so has its impact on product design methods and philosophies — even regarding non-IoT products. Here are seven ways this change has taken place.


Holzworth Real Time Phase Noise Analyzers: HA7062 Series

The HA7062 Series Real Time Phase Noise Analyzers have been optimized with both analog and digital hardware techniques. These fully integrated phase noise analysis systems utilize real time, dual core engines for cross correlation speed, which are coupled with a pair high performance internal LOs (RF Synthesizers) from Holzworth's HSX Series RF Synthesizers.

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Wireless Telecom Group

6.0 To 10.0 GHz, 100 W Min Solid-State High-Power Amplifier: AMP2053A-1LC

The AMP2053A-1LC is a solid-state high-power amplifier engineered for diverse applications such as EMI/RFI, lab, CW/Pulse, and communication needs.

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