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10.12.23 -- Submarine Cables, The Black Sea, And The War In Ukraine


Submarine Cables, The Black Sea, And The War In Ukraine

Russia has been making the argument that it’s their right to destroy “the ocean-floor cable communications of our enemies.” So, how safe are the nearly 1 million miles worth of submarine cables, particularly those in the Black Sea keeping Ukraine up and running?


Building An Optimal Test Environment And Avoiding Connection Issues

The impact of connectors on RF test results is complex and unpredictable, with test equipment often unable to fully compensate, emphasizing the crucial need for a valid test environment.

De-Embedding Test Fixtures For High-Speed Digital Applications

Test fixtures are often used in high-speed digital measurements to connect devices to measurement equipment. Analyzing in both time and frequency domains reduces the influence of these fixtures. 

RF Technology In Military Ground Vehicles

Radio frequency (RF) technology plays a critical role in military vehicle applications, providing essential communication, navigation, and targeting capabilities.

All Things Connectors Part 1: How To Pick Electronic Connectors

This article marks the first in a short series on connector selection, testing, placement, and many other aspects of connectors that are sometimes overlooked.


Filter Basics Series: Resistance, Capacitance, Inductance, And Impedance

To kick off this series, Knowles Precision Devices breaks down the basic properties, impacting capacitor and inductor performance including resistance, capacitance, inductance, and impedance.

Space Ready Microwave Cables: Into The Cosmos

Engineers designing space vehicle cabled systems navigate mechanical and environmental challenges using diverse coaxial cable options to balance electrical and mechanical performance effectively.

Using Connectors With Integrated EEPROMS

Connector systems with integrated microchips, including EEPROMs, enable seamless device pairing, real-time connection monitoring, mating cycle count, and electronic device identification.

How Do Diode Detector-based Test Instruments Measure RF Power?

With the digital modulation methods and pulsed modes used in modern communications, the demand for accurate, reliable, and efficient RF power measurements continues to grow for next-generation systems.

Highly Reliable Coaxial Switches With Options For Countless Applications

Coaxial switch customers require a variety of options for reliable switching in repeatable, high-power, extreme temperature, or custom switches.


US Army Awards L3Harris HMS Manpack, Leader Radio Program Production Orders

Anritsu Announces Uplink Interference Measurement To Identify Interference

KP Performance Antennas Introduces Versatile Rubber Duck And Whip-Style Antennas

VIAVI Launches NITRO Wireless

L-com Introduces Low-Profile, Waterproof Omni Antennas

RF Venue Announces RF Explorer Pro Touchscreen Spectrum Analyzer

Pasternack Launches Rigorously Tested MIL-STD-1553 Connectors

Fairview Microwave Unveils Engineering-Grade Adapters

Telit Cinterion Announces First-Generation RedCap Modules

Keysigh, Ettifos Conduct 3GPP Release 16 Sidelink Radio Conformance Test

Radientum Joins Nordic Semiconductor’s Design Partners


The Connectivity Challenge – Connecting Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 transforms business by embracing connectivity in an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), connecting the full scope of business operations.


An Introduction To Microwave Power Modules

In 1991, the tri-service (Army, Navy, and Air Force) initiated the Microwave Power Module (MPM) program and awarded development contracts to most TWT companies. The program aimed to enhance the development of microwave tubes in the U.S. and integrate the best of vacuum electronics and solid-state technologies. This overview provides a detailed look at the development of MPMs.


100 MHz - 6 GHz, 10-W Min High-Power Amplifier

The AMP2027DB solid-state, high-power amplifier features a Class A/AB linear design, operating in two frequency bands, Band A (100 – 1,000 MHz) and Band B (1.0 – 6.0 GHz), ensuring compatibility with a wide range of applications.

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Exodus Advanced Communications

Chip Scale Package MMIC 45 GHz Equalizer

The MEQ10-45CSP1 is a passive MMIC equalizer QFN ideal for compensating for low pass filtering effects in RF/microwave and high-speed digital systems. 

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Marki Microwave

4×4 Butler Matrix: KBM9010180

The new KRYTAR 4×4 Butler Matrix uses KRYTAR’s high-performance 90- and 180-degree hybrid couplers, providing super phase accuracy, amplitude imbalance, stability, and repeatability.

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