Phase Noise Test Systems For Testing Amplifiers: Model 7000 Series

Source: Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation

Phase Noise Test Systems: Model 7000 Series

The Model 7000 Series of Phase Noise Test Systems offers an integrated testing solution comprised of a two-channel cross-correlation system with two internal tunable reference sources, while also allowing measurements with external references. These flexible instruments are designed to provide an essential set of measurement functions for assessing signal sources with VHF to microwave frequencies.

Reproducible and accurate measurements can be obtained, even under changing environmental conditions, through the use of proven cross-correlation measurement procedures and self-calibration routines. The built-in fully automated frequency acquisition and self-calibration can simplify device usage and applicability for faster measurement throughput. These powerful, compact devices are available with an LAN (VXI-11), USBTMC, or GPIB (optional) interface. Available in two models with varying frequency ranges, these phase noise test systems can be used with crystal oscillators, PLL synthesizers, clocks, phased locked VCOs, DDROs, and more.

Available Measurement Capabilities Include:

  • Absolute and additive phase noise measurements
  • Transient measurements (frequency vs. time, modulation domain analyzer)
  • Oscillator test bench (tuning, pushing, phase noise, current, power,…)
  • Spectrum monitoring
  • Frequency counter function/power meter

For more information on the different phase noise capabilities within different frequency ranges, as well as other characterizations and operating parameters, download the datasheet.