Datasheet | March 29, 2018

Phase Noise Test Systems with VCO Characterization Tool Datasheet

Source: Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation

The 7000 Series Phase Noise Test Systems provides both absolute and residual measurements from 5 MHz to 26 GHz and offsets from .01Hz to 50MHz. These flexible instruments are designed to provide an essential set of measurement functions beyond very sensitive phase noise measurements including VCO Characterization, Transient Analysis, and more. These phase noise test systems can be used with a wide variety of DUTs including crystal oscillators, PLL synthesizers, clocks, phased locked VCOs, amplifiers, and at a fraction of the cost of other contemporary systems. For more information on the different phase noise capabilities within different frequency ranges, as well as other characterizations and operating parameters, download the datasheet.

Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation