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Analog Devices power amplifiers are based in GaN and GaAs semiconductor technology spanning kilohertz to 95GHz, supporting both bare die and surface mount component solutions. Designed for excellent linearity at high output power, our power amplifiers maintain good heat dissipation and high reliability at elevated temperatures for a wide variety of wired and wireless applications. Many of the power amplifiers cover decades of bandwidths supporting instrumentation and military applications with a single IC. There are numerous narrowband products supporting both telecommunication and satellite communication links as well.


 ADPA1105 - 0.9 GHz to 1.6 GHz, 46 dBm (40 W), GaN Power Amplifier

 HMC8500 - 0.01 GHz to 2.8 GHz, 40 dBm (10 W), GaN Power Amplifier

 HMC8415 - 9 GHz to 10.5 GHz, 46 dBm (40 W),  GaN Power Amplifier

 HMC1114 - 2.7 GHz to 3.8 GHz, 42 dBm (&GT10 W), GaN Power Amplifier

Wideband Distributed Amplifiers & Driver Amplifiers

Analog Devices GaAs MMIC-based wideband distributed amplifiers cover the dc to 65 GHz frequency range in various ultrawide bandwidths to meet your needs in applications such as electronic warfare, radar, electronic countermeasures, optical applications, and instrumentation. To meet diverse design requirements, some of our LNAs also offer internal-self biasing that requires only a signal drain voltage to operate. Analog Devices driver amplifiers are available in a wide range of medium power general purpose amplifiers covering the frequency range from 400 MHz (IF) to RF microwave and W-Band (86 GHz). These driver amplifiers include output powers from 15 dBm up to approximately 1 watt while covering various frequencies, bandwidths and gain levels


 ADPA7008 - 20 GHz to 54 GHz, GaAs, pHEMT, MMIC, 31 dBm (1 W) PA

 ADPA7002 | ADPA7006  - 18 to 44 GHz, 1/2W PA's (Chip & Package Versions)

 ADPA7005 | ADPA7007 - 18 to 44GHz 1W PA's (Chip & Package Versions)

ADPA7009 - 20 GHz to 54 GHz, GaAs, pHEMT, MMIC, 29 dBm (0.5 W) PA

ADPA7008 - 20 GHz to 54 GHz, GaAs, pHEMT, MMIC, 31 dBm (1 W) PA

RF Amplifier Bias Controllers

RF amplifier bias controllers generate a regulated drain voltage and actively adjusts the gate voltage of an external amplifier to achieve constant bias current. It can be used to bias any enhancement and depletion type amplifier operating in Class-A regime with drain voltages (VDRAIN) as specified. These devices achieve excellent bias stability over supply, temperature and process variations, and eliminates the required calibration procedures used to prevent RF performance degradation due to such variations.


 HMC980 - GaAs Amp RF Bias Contoller

 AD7293 - GaN Power Amplifier Current Controller

Low Noise Amplifiers

Analog Devices low noise amplifiers cover the frequency range from DC (IF) to RF Microwave and W-Band (95 GHz). These MMIC-based designs cover various gains and bandwidths with noise figures as low as 0.7 dB. Our low noise amplifiers offer some of the lowest noise and highest linearity available in the industry. Many of the designs offer a self-biased topology and are internally matched to 50 ohms. They are used in a wide range of applications including telecom, instrumentation, and military/aerospace. All Analog Devices low noise amplifiers are fully specified over frequency, temperature, and supply voltage.


 HMC8410 | HMC8411 | HMC8412 - 400MHz to 11GHz Wideband LNA Family

HMC8413 - 0.01 GHz to 9 GHz Low Noise Amplifier 

 ADL8104 - 0.4 GHz to 7.5 GHz Wideband, High Linearity, Low Noise Amplifier

 ADL8111 - 10 MHz to 8000 MHz Bypass Amplifier

 ADL9005 | ADL9006 - LF to 28GHz Wideband LNAs

Low Phase Noise Amplifiers

Low Phase Noise amplifiers are critical for many applications requiring high signal integrity. This is especially relevant in instrumentation, defense, and telecommunication applications where low phase noise amplifiers are becoming increasingly important as the oscillators improve. Phase noise is described as the close-in noise to the carrier that can often appear as jitter on a clock signal. Analog Devices offers a large portfolio of low phase noise amplifiers to meet a variety of requirements in the LO network, receiver, as well as in the transmitter.

LATEST HOT PRODUCTS – Low Phase Noise Amplifiers

 ADL8150 - 6 GHz to 14 GHz, GaAs, HBT, MMIC, Low Phase Noise Amplifier

 ADPA9002 - DC to 10 GHz, GaAs, pHEMT, MMIC, Single Positive Supply, Power Amplifier

 HMC637B - DC to 7.5 GHz, GaAs, pHEMT, MMIC, Single Positive Supply, 1 W Power Amplifier

 HMC5805A - DC - 40 GHz, GaAs pHEMT MMIC 0.25 Watt Power Amplifier

Phased Array RF Front End ICs (LNA, PA, Switch)

Analog Devices offers integrated Front End ICs for phased array antennas, providing a more compact solution which is more easily deployed. The Front End ICs can be paired with Analog Devices beamforming ICs (such as ADAR1000) for analog beamforming antenna or transceiver / data converter products for digital beamforming antenna. These Front End ICs integrate the Power Amplifier (PA), Low Noise Amplifier (LNA), and transmit / receive Switch (SW) that mate with the antenna element for radar applications. The compact size and simplification of these products enable flat panel array technology that would have previously been very difficult with conventional standard single function products. These products not only contain the PA/LNA/SW but all of the passive circuitry needed for utilizing these parts. Some of these products may be used in CW applications such as datalinks as well as pulsed radar applications.


 ADTR1107 - 6 GHz to 18 GHz, Front-End IC


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