• Mastering 5G Reliability: Safeguarding Your Network Infrastructure

    5G promises unprecedented speed, lower latency, and more capabilities to support new and emerging technologies. However, protecting the 5G network infrastructure brings additional cybersecurity challenges, requiring operators and other communications industry professionals to plan additional safeguards. Having the dangers of the 5G infrastructure explained in clear language allows proactivity and avoids vulnerabilities.

  • Green IT Strategies Set New Standards for Computing

    Mounting climate concerns affect virtually every industry. The tech sector is no exception, especially given the energy-reliant industry’s role in rising emissions and waste. Many organizations are looking to embrace green IT strategies amid this trend.

  • Mastering Phase Noise Measurement In Oscillator Production

    Manufacturers producing products containing oscillators must understand how to measure phase noise and reduce it if necessary. Failing to take phase noise measurements as a part of the quality control process can reduce the item’s performance and reliability. Phase noise occurs when the phase of an oscillator’s output signal in the frequency domain fluctuates. Why does that matter, and which phase-noise measurement techniques should people use?

  • 7 Unforgettable Ways IoT Is Reinventing Product Design

    The Internet of Things (IoT) has changed how the world operates on several fronts. One of the most impactful of these shifts for businesses is how the IoT and product design have influenced one another over the past few years.

    As the IoT has grown, so has its impact on product design methods and philosophies — even regarding non-IoT products. Here are seven ways this change has taken place.

Emily Newton, Revolutionized

Emily Newton

Emily Newton is the Editor-in-Chief of Revolutionized. She regularly explores the impact technology has on the industrial sector.