White Papers & Application Notes

  1. 5G Coverage Mapping And mmWave Testing With Anritsu Spectrum Master MS2760A Ultraportable Spectrum Analyzer And TRX NEON MA8100A Signal Mapper

    As the demand for mobile data and an increasingly connected world develop, the 4G network will struggle to keep up. 5G networks will provide wider channel bandwidths and greater data capacity than current 4G networks. 

  2. 5G Fixed Wireless Radio Validation Case Study

    Anritsu recently hosted a major network equipment manufacturer (NEM) at our factory in Morgan Hill, CA USA to perform some early validation of their 28 GHz 5G radios. The application is to use radios for 5G fixed wireless access to compete with fiber to the home. The NEM required the use of the Anritsu Spectrum Master™ MS2720T spectrum analyzer to test the performance of these next-generation 28 GHz 5G radios in a coverage mapping exercise. The spectrum analyzer was used to measure key parameters of the NEM prototype radio in a variety of real-world environments.

  3. 3D Mapping System Helps Engineering Firm Efficiently Install IBW in Seattle Schools

    For one engineering firm in the Pacific Northwest, utilizing the Anritsu LMR Master™ S412E handheld analyzer with the MA8100A TRX NEON Signal Mapper provided them with considerable advantages over traditional signal mapping methods that require a GPS signal.

  4. Electro-Optical Measurements Using Anritsu VNAs

    This application note describes the techniques and hardware required to characterize these components with economies of scale and flexibility not present in current Lightwave Component Analyzer (LCA) designs.

  5. Scaling The Test Equipment Size To Match Millimeter Wave Test Needs

    This paper discusses issues of transferring millimeter wave signals through coax cable within a test system and the benefits of improved measurement accuracy by reducing the size of the test equipment and using fewer interconnections.

  6. The Impact Of Return Loss On Base Station Coverage In Mobile Networks

    In many cases of designing and building cellular infrastructure, there are variables that the installers are and are not able to control. Important variables that are controllable are the losses in the cable feed system due to reflections and absorption. This white paper focuses on the system losses due to reflections, which can be measured using a cable and an antenna analyzer such as the Anritsu Site Master.

  7. Overview Of Technologies For Millimeter-Wave OTA Measurement

    As Over The Air (OTA) measurements become more important in 5G technologies, Anritsu proposes a new measurement method for solving millimeter-wave OTA measurements that solves the current Far-Field Measurement (FFM) challenges, and helps to reduce measurement costs. Based on actual measurement results, Anritsu's Near-Field Measurement (NFM) method is capable of offering improved measurement sensitivity. Anritsu also introduces an NFM solution for the E-band using Non-Linear Transmission Line technology. This white paper discusses how Near-Field Measurement technology works, the advantages of using it, and comparisons between NFM and FFM measurement results.

  8. Improving Wireless Network Flexibility Using CPRI Technology

    Wireless networks have evolved to using a remote radio head (RRH) where the radio equipment is connected to the baseband unit (BBU) by a fiber optic cable. This white paper presents the Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI) technology that is now used in the majority of new installations.

  9. Applications Of Remote Spectrum Monitoring

    Remote spectrum monitoring plays affects how governmental, regulatory, and commercial enterprises deal with interference within the licensed spectrum. This app note discusses the benefits of using remote spectrum monitors in many wireless technology applications.

  10. IMD Measurements with IMDViewTM: MS4640B Application Note

    This application note discusses the considerations needed for IMD measurements, and provides an IMD measurement example using the Anritsu’s VectorStar® MS4640B Series Vector Network Analyzers.