Test And Measurement Products

  1. EM Probe Systems

    Schmid and Partner Engineering’s line of Time Domain Sensor (TDS) probes are used to detect EMC/EMI, MRI, and antenna measurements.

  2. 9KHz - 26GHz Compact, High Performance Microwave Signal Generators

    Berkeley Nucleonics offers a diverse line of microwave signal sources and microwave signal generators with a new fast switching option for R&D, radar simulation and testing, local oscillator development, commercial communications (like satellite and microwave link), and microwave component testing applications.

  3. K Band Motion Sensor Modules: SSM Series

    These motion sensor modules are short range Doppler sensors that operate in the K band. They’re ideal for traffic radar systems, automatic door openers, dual mode security systems, and automatic production lines.

  4. R&S®RTM2000 Digital Oscilloscopes

    The R&S®RTM2000 models with 350 MHz or 500 MHz bandwidth offer a maximum sampling rate of 5 Gsample/s and a maximum memory depth of 20 Msample. As a result, they can display signals accurately, right down to the details, as well as provide high time resolution, even for long sequences.

  5. ML2487B: Wideband Peak Power Meter

    The ML2487B Wideband Peak Power Meter provides accurate peak power measurement for communications, wireless, and aerospace applications. For the design and implementation of wireless networks, they address the important issues of power control, peak power, and timing.

  6. Portable ELINT Data Collection Solution With Spectrum Awareness And Advanced Pulse Processing

    D-TA Systems offers the MFEL 1000 portable ELINT data collection solution designed to provide automatic spectrum scanning for signal activity (pulse or CW), PDW extraction and de-interleaving to tracks where signal characterization is performed automatically. The system includes a built-in 6 TB (expandable to 18 TB) SSD data storage for I/Q data collection in both on-site and off-site analysis.

  7. Digital Power Sensors

    The Bird Directional Power Sensor (DPS) is the most flexible RF sensor on the market today. With this Dual-Socket,Thruline® sensor, you may select from a wide range of Bird Elements to tailor the unit to your needs over a wide range of frequencies and power levels. Also, select field changeable input and output RF connectors from dozens of types including [N, BNC, HN, 7/16 DIN].

  8. USB-Controlled HGT™ High-Gamma Tuners™
    Maury Microwave's HGT™ High-Gamma Tuners™ typically achieve a VSWR of 200:1 (100:1 minimum), making them ideal automated tuners for high-power and on-wafer GSM applications...
  9. Measurement Laboratory: State-Of-The-Art Measurement Systems And Capabilities

    The IDS Measurement Laboratory is focused on providing state-of-the-art measurement equipment, procedures, and test and survey capabilities. The Measurement Lab is designed to deliver many types of measurement services including electromagnetic, electro-optical (EO), and infrared.

  10. Impedance Meter
    An impedance meter has been released to measure the impedance of lines from 5 to 100 kW