Synthesizers Products

  1. Radiation Tolerant UltraCMOS® Delta-Sigma Modulated Fractional-N Frequency Synthesizer: PE97640

    The PE97640 from Peregrine Semiconductor is a delta-sigma, modulated fractional-N synthesizer optimized for frequency synthesis up to 5 GHZ in commercial space applications. With a 5/6 or 10/11 dual modulus prescaler, counters, a delta sigma modulator, a phase comparator, and charge pump, the device is optimized for superior phase noise performance, radiation tolerance, and high frequency selectivity.

  2. YIG Frequency Synthesizer

    Leveraging a long heritage of engineering innovation in YIG and low phase noise technologies, Teledyne Microwave Solutions (TMS) has developed a brand new line of YIG synthesizers that substantially reduces the high cost of acquiring a high-quality, broadband low phase noise source. After many years of building the industry's lowest phase noise YIG Oscillators, TMS has applied that expertise to deliver on a longstanding industry aspiration for a 'Win-Win': low phase noise AND low cost in a plug n' play synthesizer solution.

  3. Frequency Synthesizers: HSM Series

    Holzworth Instrumentation offers the HSM Series of RF synthesizer modules designed as building blocks for system integration applications where foundational performance is critical. These synthesizers are able to produce true phase coherency and industry leading channel-to-channel stability when integrated as multiple units.