Millimeter-Wave Amplifiers Products

  1. Millimeter Wave Components and Integrated MIC/MMIC Hybrid Assemblies to 40 GHz

    PMI offers millimeter wave amplifiers, attenuators, threshold detectors, filters, limiters, phase shifters, and switches that operate to frequencies of 40 GHz.

  2. Low Noise Millimeter Wave Amplifiers (LNA)

    Low noise amplifiers (LNAs) from Millitech feature state-of-the-art noise figure performance, wideband coverage, a modular, compact design, internal voltage regulation and bias circuitry, and 2.92, 2.4, 1.85 mm or Waveguide interfaces (as required).

  3. ALH503: 80 - 100 GHz Low Noise Amplifier

    The ALH503 is a broadband, three-stage, low noise monolithic HEMT amplifier designed for use in Millimeter-Wave Imaging, commercial digital microwave radios and wireless LANs

  4. QPI Series Millimeter-Wave Full Waveguide Band Power Amplifiers

    QuinStar Technology’s series QPI power amplifiers provide state-of-the-art high power performance in the 18-26.5 GHz and 26.5-40-GHz frequency range...

  5. Millimeter Wave Products

    Northrop Grumman ST Foundry Services & MMIC Products offers low noise amplifiers, power amplifiers, switches, multipliers, mixers and attenuators for millimeter-wave applications.

  6. Millimeter Wave Amplifiers

    Welcome to Ducommun RF Products Millimeter Wave Amplifiers.  Ducommun RF Products offers both standard full-band products and custom designed millimeter wave amplifiers covering K-Band through W-Band.

  7. Millimeter Wave Power and Driver Amplifiers

    Millitech's power amplifiers and driver amplifiers feature state-of-the-art output power performance, wideband coverage, a compact, modular design, 2.92, 2.4, 1.85 mm or Waveguide interfaces (as required), and internal voltage regulation and bias circuitry.

  8. Amplifier & Mixer Solutions for Backhaul Radios to 46.5 GHz

    Hittite Microwave recently released two new RF amplifiers and three new RF mixers ideal for microwave and millimeter wave radios, test and measurement equipment, military sensors, and SatCom applications in the 24 to 46.5 GHz frequency range.

  9. Low-Noise Amplifiers

    The HLNA Series of Low Noise Amplifiers covers the frequency range from 12 to 110 GHz. New models for 2008 include a 55-65 GHz unit available from stock/30 days, as well as many new models above in E-Band and W-Band. A wide variety of gain and bandwidth combinations are available to provide solutions for radar systems, communications systems and other applications.

  10. Amplifiers

    Advanced Control Components’ offers a wide variety of high-performance amplifier capability for both commercial and military applications covering RF through millimeter-wave frequencies. Standard products are offered in SMA connectorized cases with filtered DC solder feedthrus. Products can also be provided in standard EIA rack size enclosures with integral AC/DC or DC/DC power converters. Internal construction techniques included discrete assembly on soft PCB materials