26.5 - 40 GHz, 40W Min Solid State High Power Amplifier: AMP4066-LCP1

Exodus - AMP4066-LCP1

The AMP4066-LCP1 solid-state, high-power amplifier operates in the frequency range of 26.5 - 40.0 GHz (CW or Pulse), offering exceptional performance for EMI/RFI, lab, and general communication applications.

With a power output of over 60 watts at Psat (CW) and a minimum of 40 watts at P1dB (50 Watts typical), it delivers unparalleled power efficiency and reliability. The small form factor allows for easy integration into any setup, and its rack-mounted system ensures convenience and space-saving.

Equipped with built-in protection circuits and a forward RF sample port, this amplifier guarantees safe operation and precise monitoring. Its high-class A/AB linear design enables instantaneous wide bandwidth, while the inclusion of remote-control platforms enhances usability.

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