Hot Products

  1. Fischer Freedom™ Series LP360™ Connectors

    Fischer Connectors offers the new Fischer LP360™ connector as the first product of the Fischer Freedom™ Series. This connector facilitates integration, maximizes usability, and optimizes cable management for defense and security applications, even in the most demanding environments and conditions.

  2. Cable Assembly Solutions

    Fischer Connectors offers a large family of cable assembly solutions designed for a range of applications, including in extreme, medical, military, instrumentation, and fiber optic applications. Engineers are prepared to work closely with customers to find the ideal solution for the most demanding applications. Fischer Connector series include the Fischer Core Series, Fisher Ultimate™ Series, Fischer Fiberoptic series, and the Fischer Minimax™ Series.

  3. Fischer FiberOptic Series

    The Fischer FiberOptic Series is designed to perform perfectly in harsh and extreme environments. With the best quality and stability needed for optical links combined with simple mating and field cleaning, these connectors are ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

  4. Rugged Flash Drive

    Fisher Connectors offers a rugged, secure flash drive designed specifically for the safe storage of sensitive data in harsh environments. This data drive comes in a portable, miniature, unbreakable design with built-in hanger support, is IP68 sealed (even unmated), extreme temperature resistant, and shock and vibration resistant. They are perfectly adapted for applications where data security and confidentiality are critical, such defense and security, financial, medical, industrial, energy, underwater, motor and extreme sport sectors.

  5. Fischer Stainless Steel Core Series

    The Fischer Core Series is made up of premium grade 316L stainless steel connectors built with excellent chemical, temperature, and radiation resistance. With seven different models of different body styles and sizes, these circular connectors and cable assembly solutions combine radioactive decontamination and microbiological sterilization in glove box, laboratory, research, scanner, vacuum, and dye production applications.

  6. Fischer Plastic Series

    The Fischer Plastic Series is a family of high performance, fully insulated plastic connector bodies that are all compatible with Fischer’s metallic connectors. Key features include high reliable signal path, high signal and contact density, clear coding for easy operation, and resistance to large temperature variations.  

  7. Connectors And Cable Assembly Solutions: Fischer UltiMate™ 07 Series

    The Fischer UltiMate™ 07 Series is a collection of connectors and cable assembly solutions designed to operate in extreme environmental, industrial, and chemical conditions such as vibration, shock, rain, humidity, salt, fog, sand/dust, or temperature. All military connectors match IEC standards and requirements for medical device design and manufacturing.

  8. Disposable Medical Connectors

    The Fischer Disposable Series is designed for medical device manufacturers whose products are used  in a short number of uses. This push-pull circular connector is a cost effective solution that does not compromise on quality. These connectors can be directly mounted into a disposable hand piece, overmolded or mounted to a disposable cable, or a variety of other configurations.  The connectors have an ingress protection of IP65 (IEC 60529), is completely dust and water tight and also provides a high degree of electrical insulation. They are rated at 10,000 mating cycles, and is available with brass contacts in an 8 pin configuration as standard (a 16 pin configuration is available on demand), 1,2 or 5 meter lengths of PVC medical cable, and it is fast and simple to integrate into any medical device.

  9. Safe and Cleanable Connecting Solutions for Medical Applications

    The Fischer Core Series of stainless steel connectors are comprised of 316L, PEEK, and EPDM materials for outstanding chemical, temperature, and radiation resistance. This line has been specifically designed for use as a long-term and reliable connector solution in severe environments.

  10. High Performance Push-Pull Connectors: Core Series

    For medical applications that call for push-pull type connector, Fischer’s Core series can provide an ideal solution. They’re available I any size and any configuration and are comprised of premium materials to withstand most sterilization methods.