Assembled Solutions

Source: Fischer Connectors

Fischer Connectors offers a large family of assembled solutions designed for a range of applications, including in extreme, medical, military, instrumentation, and fiber optic applications. Engineers are prepared to work closely with customers to find the ideal solution for the most demanding applications. Fischer Connector series include the Fischer Core Series, Fisher Ultimate™ Series, Fischer Fiberoptic series, and the Fischer Minimax™ Series.

The assembled solutions are available with an array of bend relief terminations. Options include standard overmolds for fast delivery, thermoplastic overmolds for a secure grip, silicone overmolds for heat protection and maximum flexibility, as well as custom overmolds with multi-cable exits.

Additional assembled solutions include:

  • Overmolded cable assemblies, including thermoplastic & silicone
  • Wiring harness assemblies
  • Rugged & submersible cable solutions
  • Low cost and disposable options
  • Third-party connector integration
  • Right-angle overmolds
  • Custom overmolds with multi-cable exits
  • Potting or heat shrink, depending on application
  • Automated strip and crimp
  • Colored overmolding available

For more information on these solutions, download the above brochures.