Featured Editorial

  1. Understanding 5G Millimeter Wave Beamforming Test

    This article explains beamforming in the context of 5G NR specifications, and introduces beamforming characterization and beamforming verification test.   

  2. A Fully-Integrated 3.5GHz Single Chip GaN Doherty PA For sub-6GHz 5G

    This article describes an S-band, packaged Doherty PA MMIC for use in 5G base station transmitter applications. The design, simulation, assembly, and subsequent measurement of the power amplifier IC are described.

  3. System-Level LO Phase Noise Model For Phased Arrays With Distributed Phase-Locked Loops

    By building upon known phase-locked loop modeling methods, and an assessment of correlated vs. uncorrelated contributors, an approach to track distributed PLL contributions across frequency offsets is presented.

  4. Power Amplifier MMICs For mmWave 5G

    This article looks at the semiconductor process and SMT packaging options for the realisation of power amplifier (PA) integrated circuits (ICs) operating at millimeter wave (mmWave) frequencies. It also presents examples of 5G mmWave SMT packaged PA designs.

  5. CWDM vs DWDM: What’s the Difference?

     A great deal of confusion exists surrounding RF over fibre via coarse wavelength division multiplexing (CWDM), or dense wave division multiplexing (DWDM). This article aims to clarify the differences between the two methods, as well as discuss the challenges associated with both technologies.

  6. Boron-Doped CVD Diamond As An Electrically Conductive Heat Spreader In RF/Microwave Applications

    Viewed over a wide spectrum of frequencies, BDD shows promise across a range of electronics, from solid state RF PAs and advanced application specific integrated circuits (ASICs), to 5G wireless and phased array radar.

  7. EMI Filtering For High-Reliability Applications

    Electromagnetic interference (EMI), or electrical noise, is generated by everything from cellphones to solar flares and can make accurate signal transmission as difficult as trying to have a clear conversation in a noisy room. To improve signal clarity in electronic circuits, device designers turn to EMI suppression filters.

  8. Role Call: Senior Field Application Engineer

    Role Call, a series on RF Globalnet, takes a “peek behind the curtain” to help answer the questions related to different jobs and career paths in the RF and microwave industry. Recently, Kenny Lee, Senior Field Application Engineer at LitePoint, took time to answer some questions about his occupation.

  9. Integration Considerations: Software-Defined Antenna Technology

    Proper integration of a software-defined antenna is key to obtaining maximum benefit for both 4G and 5G communication systems where MIMO antenna systems are required.

  10. Role Call: Principal Systems Design Engineer

    Role Call is a series on RF Globalnet that will explore each of these topics with a “peek behind the curtain” at different jobs and career paths in the RF and microwave industry. Our most recent subject is Trushal Vijaykumar Chokshi, the Principal Systems Design Engineer at SiTime. Trushal specializes in the development of high-throughput systems for micro-electro mechanical systems (MEMS) resonators and oscillators, relying on a background in physics and electrical engineering with a focus on MEMS and analog circuits.