Filters Products

  1. Reject Adjacent Interfering Signals In Agile Signal Environments

    Teledyne Microwave Solutions offers a series of tunable bandpass, and fast-tuned notch filters ideal for tactical communications and other defense applications. These filters are specifically designed to accurately tune a bandpass filter over up to an octave bandwidth, and to protect ESM receivers from high duty cycle frequency agile interference from on board or cohort combat radar systems.

  2. Tuneable High-Q, High Power VHF/UHF Bandpass Filter: CB503

    The CB503 tuneable High-Q, high power VHF/UHF bandpass filter is comprised of a three section passive machined combline filter with an input/output coupling structure. This coupling structure enables the filter to be tuned to any central frequency in the range of 160 MHz to 360 MHz while maintaining its high-Q and excellent rejection, insertion loss, and center return loss performance. This filter is ideal for de-confliction filtering, military mobile/mounted VHF/UHF communication systems, and base station antenna filter applications.

  3. Fast Tune Notch Filters

    Teledyne Defence & Space (TDS), a business unit of Teledyne Microwave System (TMS), offers a range of fast tune notch filters (FTNF) that have been designed to protect Electronic Support Measures (ESM) receivers from high duty cycle, frequency agile interference produced by on board (or cohort) combat radar systems. ESM sensors need protection from high-level frequency-agile radars.

  4. YIG Tuned Band-Reject Filters

    The new line of YIG Tuned Band-Reject Filters from Teledyne Microwave Solutions (TMS) covering frequency range of 125MHz to 18GHz, are powered by new patent-pending technology that overcomes long-time design limitations inherent to YIG Band-Reject, or “notch” filters. This TMS product line delivers to customers several major performance advancements that are unparalleled to date in the industry.

  5. Ultra-Miniature UB Series Lumped Element Filters

    The ultra-miniature UB Series of lumped element filters from K&L Microwave are capable of operation in applications with frequencies ranging from 300 to 2500 MHz. These filters are available with 2 to 5 resonant sections, and bandwidths from 5% to 15% for ƒ0 < 1000 MHz, or 10% to 20% bandwidths for ƒ0 ≥ 1000 MHz.

  6. EMI Filters And Capacitors

    Knowles Capacitors’ excellence in ceramic materials technology, combined with EMI filter expertise, has enabled Knowles (Syfer brand) to offer an unequalled range of EMI filter products including surface mount filters, panel mount filters, planar arrays, discoidal multilayer capacitors, X2Y integrated passive components, and other filter types for hi-rel applications.

  7. Bandpass Cavity Filter: UF9382

    MtronPTI’s UF9382 is a high bandpass cavity filter with less than 1.5 dB passband attenuation designed to operate in applications with temperatures ranging from -40°C to +85°C. The filter features a passband range of 9.820 GHz – 9.970 GHz, and an insertion loss less than 2.2 dB.

  8. Digitally Tunable LC Filter: TF0113 Series

    MtronPTI’s TF0113 Series of Digitally Tunable LC Filters are found within Vehicle Adapter Amplifiers (VAA), and can dynamically manage the RF spectrum for clear, secure information, and enhance its safety features. When handheld and manpack radios are plugged into VAAs, they can reach a range of 40 km or more.

  9. X-MWsystem

    The X-MWsystem from X-Microwave is a complete modular building block eco-system including a broad offering of RF and microwave components, an innovative Prototype Station and a FREE online System Simulator.  The X-MWsystem can be used to seamlessly navigate thru the product development process from simulation to prototype to production hardware.

  10. SAW, BAW & NoDrift™ Filters

    Qorvo offers a series of SAW, BAW, or NoDrift™ filters and duplexers for a variety of wireless applications. These devices are housed in a ceramic chip-scale package (CSP), or a hermetic ceramic surface mount package (SMP) with industry-leading small sizes.  With features such as high rejection, high attenuation, and low loss, these filters are suitable for many automotive applications including Wi-Fi, LTE, SDARS coexistence, CDMA, WCDMA, AMPS, and GPS. All filters are RoHS compliant and lead-free.