1. Enhance Download Data Rates: DRx Front-End-Modules

    Skyworks DRx front-end-modules have been designed to improve receiver sensitivity and data throughput in 3G/4G multimode cellular tablets and handsets, while also reducing Rx noise figure. The FEMs are comprised of low loss RF switches, as well as receive SAW filters and low noise amplifiers.

  2. FEMs, LNA, PAs, and Switches for Video Game Consoles

    If the last few generations of video consoles taught us anything, it’s that gamers have almost entirely embraced internet connectivity in their systems, and that wired controllers are a thing of the past. This page provides an overview of Skyworks’ front-end modules, low noise amplifiers, switches, and power detectors used in Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo consoles. These components help facilitate online play and wireless controller connectivity.

  3. Front-End Solutions for LTE Platforms

    Skyworks offers a family of LTE devices comprised of power amplifier modules and front-end modules for a suite of scalable and reconfigurable front-end system solutions for a variety of emerging communications markets.

  4. LNA Front-End Module: SKY65709-81

    This low noise amplifier (LNA) front-end module includes a BDS/GPS/GNSS pre-filter and ideal for Galileo receiver applications, smartphones, and tablets. It features a small signal gain, a low noise figure, low current consumption, a single 1.8 to 3.6 V single DC supply, and input/output impedance internally matched to 50Ω.

  5. Low-Noise Amplifier Front-End Module With GPS/GNSS/BDS Pre- And Post-Filters: SKY65903-11

    Skyworks offers the SKY65903-11 front-end module (FEM) with an integrated low-noise amplifier (LNA) and pre- and post-filters that is ideal for GPS/GNSS/BDS receiver applications. The LNA uses surface-mount technology (SMT) in the form of a 2.5 x 2.5 mm Multi-Chip Module (MCM) package, which allows for a highly manufacturable and low-cost module solution.

  6. Low-Noise Amplifier Front-End Modules With BDS/GPS/GNSS Pre-Filters

    The SKY65713-11 and SKY65715-81 are global navigation front-end modules (FEM) with integrated low-noise amplifiers (LNA) and pre-filters designed for Beidou Global Positioning System/Global Navigation Satellite System (BDS/GPS/GNSS) receiver applications. These devices feature high linearity, excellent gain, a high 1 dB input compression point (IP1dB), and a superior noise figure.

  7. Miniature FEMs for 2.5G and 3G/4G Handsets: SkyOne™ Mini

    Skyworks’ SkyOne™ is a family of scalable Front-end-modules (FEMs) that integrate all of the high-performance RF and analog content between a transceiver and antenna. This platform supports carrier aggregation, additional frequency bands, and industry-leading baseboards with MIPI® interfaces, and the SkyOne® Mini is designed for those looking for the full functionality it provides, but at a reduced cost and size.

  8. Multiband, Multimode Front-End Modules (FEMs) for Advanced Mobile Applications

    The SKY78010 and SKY78011 are multiband, multimode front end modules (FEMs) that are fully optimized and 100% RF tested. They’re both significantly smaller than the industry’s most advanced approach to FEMs, measuring in at 7 x 9.8 x 1.05 mm. They feature a 2G quad-band and 3G/4G penta-band GPIO control interface, and the world’s best linearity and PAE for smart RF integration.

  9. Reduce Complexity in Next Gen Smartphones

    The SkyOne® family of scalable devices integrates high-performance RF and analog content between a smartphone or tablet’s transceiver and antenna. The SkyOne Ultra is comprised of a PA block, separate WCDMA blocks operating in low bands, and a logic control block. It’s ideal for multiband 3G handsets, multiband FDD LTE handsets, and WCDMA/LTE applications.

  10. SkyLiTE™ 2.0 Next Generation Front-End Solutions Powering LTE Devices

    The SkyLiTE™ 2.0 Front-End Modules are part of a highly integrated platform enabling smartphone manufacturers with complete front-end systems that meet today’s carrier aggregation (CA) design challenges. These devices are baseband agnostic and are designed to incorporate the amplification, switching, Wi-Fi filtering, and coupler functionality required to support all major FDD/TDD bands. SkyLiTE™ 2.0 addresses new global downlink CA performance standards with an integrated diplexer and harmonic filtering functionality. This series is optimized for regional use, providing OEMs with scalable and reconfigurable architectures for faster time to market.