Featured Videos

  1. IDS Aeronautical Division

    IDS’ Aeronautical Division offers engineering expertise in solving complex situations and providing design solutions that support every stage of an aeronautical project. Providing professional commercial solutions, consultancy, and engineering services to the aeronautical industry worldwide for more than 30 years, the Aeronautical Division aims at maximizing aircraft crew safety and mission performance.

  2. Massive MIMO Beamforming In Motion

    These animations show the beam formed from a massive MIMO base station (green dot) to a mobile device moving along a route (large red dot), in the presence of 15 other stationary devices (red circles). 

  3. AR 350S1G6 Amplifier Video Demonstration

    In this video, AR’s Anthony Peroni introduces and demonstrates the AR 350S1G6 high-power, solid state amplifier.

  4. AR Corporate Video

    Video overview of the products and services of the AR family of companies.

  5. What’s The Secret To Product Innovation?

    The Altair HyperWorks licensing scheme provides access to solutions for modelling and visualization, all types of physics simulation and optimization.

  6. Methods For Developing 5G Channel Sounding Propagation Models

    Keysight offers a 5G channel sounding reference solution as a proven method for creating 5G channel sounding models complete with mmWave, ultra-wide bandwidth, and Massive MIMO.


    Skyworks introduces two new GPS filter LNA modules for improving system noise figure, reducing time to GPS lock, and increasing overall system performance and user experience.

  8. How To Greatly Simplify Phase Noise Measurements Of Pulsed Singles

    Users can make fast and accurate measurements of single sideband residual and additive phase noise, amplitude noise, and baseband noise with the BNC Model 7300 Signal Source Analyzer. This video provides a brief introduction on how to simplify the absolute phase noise measurement of a pulsed signal.

  9. Product Video: Solid State RF Power Amplifier Module For Radar Applications

    Our final video at IMS 2016 features CPI’s C-Band GaN solid state RF power amplifier module for maritime and defense radars, and high performance weather radars.

  10. Bringing The Element Of Portability To High Power Amplifiers In Complex Systems

    Innovation tends to lag in the power amplifier side of the system-upgrade business, and hardware systems designers may not fully understand the potential element of portability is solid state amplifiers. Jon Jacocks with Empower RF spent a few minutes with us on the last day of IMS 2016 to discuss the issue.