Editor’s Picks

  1. Canada’s CHIME Telescope Detects Second Repeating Fast Radio Burst

    A Canadian-led team of scientists has found the second repeating fast radio burst (FRB) ever recorded. FRBs are short bursts of radio waves coming from far outside our Milky Way galaxy. Scientists believe FRBs emanate from powerful astrophysical phenomena billions of light years away.

  2. The Week In 5G: 2/6/2019 – Verizon Cuts Latency In Half, Cisco Attempts To Transform Agriculture, U.S. Needs More Mid-Band Spectrum

    Plus, 5G is tapped to enable robot baristas and the "world’s first AI stylist," an assertion that patent laws are stifling U.S. 5G innovation, Ericsson unveils the largest 5G training center in the U.S., and more, all in this edition of The Week in 5G. 

  3. A New Twist On An Old Antenna

    Groundbreaking innovations on antenna technology, based on a collaboration between Lockheed Martin Space and Penn State, are now under consideration for use in the next generation of GPS satellite payloads.

  4. Converting Wi-Fi Signals To Electricity With New 2-D Materials

    Imagine a world where smartphones, laptops, wearables, and other electronics are powered without batteries. Researchers from MIT and elsewhere have taken a step in that direction, with the first fully flexible device that can convert energy from Wi-Fi signals into electricity that could power electronics.

  5. Innovative Research Uses Remote Radio Telescope To Detect Cosmic Rays

    Curtin University researchers have developed a particle detector at the remote site of the Murchison Widefield Array (MWA) radio telescope that is capable of conducting a ground-breaking study into mysterious cosmic rays in the area’s harsh conditions.

  6. Metamaterial With Inherently Robust Sound Transport

    Researchers at the Advanced Science Research Center (ASRC) at The Graduate Center of The City University of New York and at the City College of New York (CCNY) have developed a metamaterial that can transport sound in unusually robust ways along its edges and localize it at its corners.

  7. The Week In 5G: 2/12/2019 – Verizon Launches Grassroots 5G Campaign, OEMs To Unveil 5G Phones At MWC

    Plus, Switzerland and India further their 5G initiatives, Huawei launches its first test bed in Southeast Asia, Sprint calls 'shenanigans' on AT&T's "5G E" displays, and more, all in this edition of The Week in 5G.