Featured Articles

  1. Receiver Protector: Theory Of Operation

    This article presents the reader with a basic understanding of receiver protector technology and discusses the various available types of receiver protector forms, their strengths and weaknesses, and how best to use them.

  2. Optimum Power Combiner Selection And Performance Trade Considerations: VIDEO

    George Solomon from CPI, Beverly Microwave Division presents several tips and considerations for the selection of optimum power combiners in solid state power amplifiers. Some of these considerations include low loss efficient power combining, graceful power degradation, and different design approaches.

  3. Integrated Microwave Assemblies Brochure

    CPI offers integrated microwave solutions optimized for both military and commercial markets in radar, satellite, and communications applications. Available assemblies include attenuators, integrated front ends, receivers, solid state coaxial limiters, solid state switches, upconverters, and downconverters.

  4. CPI Beverly Power Supplies Capability Brochure

    CPI Beverly Microwave Division offers an array of CW, TWT power supplies for use in electronic warfare, electronic counter measures, and radar applications. These high reliability supplies are airborne qualified, high altitude compliant, and features pod mounted capabilities.

  5. Solid State Power Amplifiers

    CPI offers a comprehensive line of solid state GaN power amplifiers optimized for operation within the L-band, S-band, and X-band. These amplifiers provide high gain, high efficiency, and excellent stability, with excellent AM/PM and phase-noise performance.

  6. Radar System Upgrades And Legacy Component Support Brochure

    Are you looking to upgrade your current radar system? CPI Beverly offers upgrading services and product replacement for radar systems and/or legacy components.

  7. Measuring Inter-Pulse Noise In Radar Amplifiers: VIDEO

    To start off our second day here at IMS 2018, George Solomon from Communications & Power Industries (CPI), Beverly Microwave Division presents a technique for measuring inter-pulse noise within radar amplifiers. Ideally, an amplifier would have no inter-pulse noise measured to KTB of -174 dBm/Hz. Check out the video to learn how to make sure this measurement happens.

  8. How To Speak Radar: Basic Fundamentals And Applications

    The evolution of radar has grown steadily over the decades to its present level that employs sophisticated computerized techniques which has stimulated the development of increasingly complex components. This white paper provides a basic introduction to radar technologies and to the application of radar equipment.

  9. Receiver Protectors And Control Components

    CPI’s Beverly Microwave Division (BMD) offers a comprehensive variety of receiver protectors and control components ranging from low-frequency coaxial limiters to complete TR limiters with phase attenuation and phase control up to the Ka-band. 

  10. Air Traffic Control Radar Products Brochure

    CPI offers components for many ground based radar systems and Air Traffic Control (ATC) systems including S-band GaN high power transmitters, S-band GaN high power SSPAs, X-band GaN high power SSPAs, magnetrons, receiver protectors, and limiters.