Featured Articles

  1. How To Speak Radar: Basic Fundamentals And Applications

    The evolution of radar has grown steadily over the decades to its present level that employs sophisticated computerized techniques which has stimulated the development of increasingly complex components. This white paper provides a basic introduction to radar technologies and to the application of radar equipment.

  2. Receiver Protectors And Control Components

    CPI’s Beverly Microwave Division (BMD) offers a comprehensive variety of receiver protectors and control components ranging from low-frequency coaxial limiters to complete TR limiters with phase attenuation and phase control up to the Ka-band. 

  3. Solid State Power Amplifiers Brochure

    CPI offers a comprehensive line of solid state GaN power amplifiers optimized for operation within the L-band, S-band, and X-band. These amplifiers provide high gain, high efficiency, and excellent stability, with excellent AM/PM and phase-noise performance.

  4. Air Traffic Control Radar Products Brochure

    CPI offers components for many ground based radar systems and Air Traffic Control (ATC) systems including S-band GaN high power transmitters, S-band GaN high power SSPAs, X-band GaN high power SSPAs, magnetrons, receiver protectors, and limiters.

  5. Communications & Power Industries, Beverly Microwave Division Brochure

    CPI BMD is the world’s largest manufacturer of receiver protectors and magnetron. They also manufacture TWTs, CFAs, transmitter assemblies, high-power solid state switches and switch assemblies, pressure windows, a variety of multifunction components, and Integrated Microwave Assemblies.

  6. Microwave Products For EW Radar Applications

    CPI Beverly Microwave Division provides the industry proven design techniques and engineering expertise, to meet the rigid and dependable standards of electronic warfare products.

  7. CFA Theory Of Operation

    A CFA is a vacuum electron device (VED) which might best be described as part magnetron and part traveling wave tube (TWT). This device is used to generate power with high efficiency and voltage levels of a magnetron while the electronic interaction is with a traveling wave. This white paper further discusses CFA characteristics and its operational theory.

  8. TWT Theory Of Operation

    TWTs incorporate many basic components, including an electron gun, an RF circuit, an attenuator, and a collector. This white paper further discusses TWT characteristics and operational theory, including the effects of input/output conditions on TWTs, and cooling requirements.

  9. Magnetron Theory Of Operation

    A magnetron is a high power microwave oscillator in which the potential energy of an electron cloud near the cathode is converted into RF energy in a series of cavity resonators. The resonant frequency of a microwave cavity is determined by the physical dimension of the resonator together with the reactive effect of any perturbations to the inductive or capacitive portion of the equivalent circuit.

  10. LINAC Magnetrons Brochure

    LINAC Magnetrons are high power microwave oscillators that take the potential energy of an electron cloud near its cathode and convert it into RF energy. Their application areas are fairly diverse and can run the gamut from cooking to cancer therapy.