Feature Articles

  1. Understanding Power Divider/Combiner Types And Functionality

    Both resistive type and reactive type power divider/combiners can be used to fan-in or fan-out RF signals. However, both types distribute RF signals in a different fashion. This white paper offers guidelines and considerations for determining a divider/combiner for each application.

  2. 10 Hints For Making Successful Noise Figure Measurements

    Noise figure often characterizes a receiver and how well it can detect weak signals in the presence of self-generated noise. The process of reducing noise figure begins with a solid understanding of the uncertainties in your components, subsystems, and test setups. 

  3. Design Of A Cost-Effective, Hybrid Input-Matched GaN Transistor For S-Band Radar Applications

    This article describes design of a GaN transistor with internal GaAs input matching. The input matching network is designed for the 2.7 – 3.5 GHz frequency range, making the transistor suitable for S-band radar applications.

  4. Introduction To The Waveguide Quick And Tight Connect

    Working in a busy lab sometimes presents the challenge of finding the right tools for every day jobs like the simple mating of two flanges. A simple solution is the quick connect apparatus from SAGE designed for 0.75” circular flanges. 

  5. Generating Narrow Pulses With Highest Level Accuracy And Repeatability With The R&S SMA100B

    This app note discusses generating high-quality, narrow pulses using the R&S SMA100B analog RF and microwave signal generator. Thanks to a closed-loop level control concept also for narrow pulses, outstanding level accuracy and repeatability is available for pulse widths starting at 100 ns.

  6. Demystifying Polling Control In Zigbee Networks

    Understanding the polling features in the Zigbee standard can help to optimize the power consumption of IoT products. Take a closer look at Zigbee’s polling mechanism and an example using a fire alarm sensor application.

  7. Introduction To The FlexPort Mobile Backhaul Platform

    The evolution of networks to 4G has created new challenges for operators, such as the growth of base station capacities putting extra demands on backhaul networks. This paper introduces FlexPort Mobile Backhaul Platform solutions that look forward to 4G while supporting existing access technologies.

  8. Simulation Of MIMO Handset Antenna Array Performance With Varying Hand Positions

    Performance of a 12-port handset antenna array operating in LTE bands 42/43 (3400-3800 MHz) and band 46 (5150-5925 MHz) is analyzed in XFdtd for varying hand hold positions on the device.  The results computed include S-parameters, Gain, Efficiency and Envelope Correlation Coefficient.

  9. 5G Spectrum Recommendations

    New spectrum is critical for the successful launch of 5G mobile services, and many endeavors are ongoing to identify new suitable spectrum. Each available spectrum range has specific characteristics that make it suitable for certain deployment scenarios and applications. This paper discusses the dependencies between the 5G applications spectrum requirements and spectrum ranges that are attractive for 5G deployment services.

  10. An Introduction To Interference Hunting

    As radio systems have grown and become more complex, the number of interferers has also increased. This white paper introduces the basic concepts of interference hunting and explores the different types of interferers, how to analyze them, and the tools needed for the job.