Feature Articles

  1. Power Amplifiers In Parallel For Higher Output Power – Hybrid Power Combining

    This article presents a solution of using four L60T01 amplifiers in hybrid configuration as an alternative for a higher output power amplifier.

  2. Using 150 V-Bias RF GaN For 1 kW UHF Radar Amplifiers

    This white paper presents and discusses the advantages of using high power RF amplifiers that employ a high voltage GaN technology operating above the industry standard of 50 V.

  3. Comparison Of Jitter Measurements In The Time And Frequency Domain

    It is recommended to use jitter measurement instruments for both the time and frequency domain in order to differentiate between fast and slow moving artifacts. This white paper compares measurement results of jitter in the time and frequency domain.

  4. Understanding Diamond As A Material For RF Packaging

    Diamond’s unique mechanical, optical, thermal, and electrochemical properties make it effective for a range of industrial uses. Synthetic and natural diamonds display the same chemical structure and physical properties, but synthetic diamonds offer control over defects and synthesis conditions.

  5. Optimizing Battery Life And Reliability: Quartz Crystals For IoT And Wearable Devices

    This white paper presents a technique using quartz crystals mated with energy saving low power SoCs for reducing oscillator power consumption while achieving optimal oscillation margin. The paper also demonstrates measurements and key principles for designing reliable and low power oscillators.

  6. Spectrum Emission Mask Measurements: Special Considerations For Millimeter-Wave

    The range for spectrum mask measurements has traditionally been in the MHz range, but mmWave signals require new regulations and test protocols in the 30 to 300 GHz range. This paper discusses the special considerations for spectrum emission mask measurements for mmWave frequencies.

  7. Basics Of Design: Raising The Levels Of 5G Millimeter-Wave Signals

    This article examines the design challenges for practical millimeter-wave power amplifiers delivering the necessary power, linearity, and efficiency for future 5G networks.

  8. Designing A Compact Ridged Waveguide Filter With CST Filter Designer 3D

    Multi-mode cavity filters offer high power handling and good performance as a compact device. Such filters are complex and sensitive to changes in the structure, meaning that their design can be time-consuming or even impossible with conventional methods. This article shows how the CST® filter synthesis tool Filter Designer 3D, part of the simulation software CST STUDIO SUITE®, can be used to design and tune a multi-mode compact ridged waveguide filter to meet stringent specifications.

  9. Leveraging The Advances In Beamforming Measurements For Radar Test

    Advances in measurement technologies are being innovated to address the commercial 5G industry at a much faster pace than traditional satellite and radar industries alone. However, these defense industries can now benefit from these innovations in the commercial industry.

  10. Basic Of Design: Raising The Levels Of 5G Millimeter-Wave Signals

    This article examines the design challenges for practical millimeter-wave power amplifiers delivering the necessary power, linearity and efficiency for future 5G networks.