Feature Articles

  1. Reduce Cost And Complexity In 5G mmWave Systems With Surface Mount Solderable Filter Components

    The mmWave spectrum will play a key role in future 5G communications applications. Components for these systems should be chosen for their performance and cost. This white paper explores the use of DLI surface mount solderable filter components in RF systems to reduce the cost and complexity in 5G mmWave systems.

  2. An Introduction To The 5G Frequency Spectrum

    5G networks plan to offer a hundred-fold increase in user data-rates which will require growth in bandwidth over what is currently available. This article introduces the 5G spectrum and explores some of the mechanisms behind the increase in bandwidths.

  3. Electronification’s Impact On Medical Device Manufacturers

    Rising demand for electronic components -- driven by the automotive, defense, aerospace, and industrial manufacturing industries -- could create supply challenges like price volatility, counterfeiting, relabeling, selling out-of-date parts, and double- or triple-booking orders

  4. Empowering Innovation In Startups At Altair Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Event

    The Startup ecosystem, made up of entrepreneurs, universities, investors, and researchers, is a community filled with innovative, thought provoking individuals driven by the desire to produce products and devices to provide a sustainable way of life. Last week Altair had the unique privilege of hosting an event at the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center in San Francisco, “Accelerate Your Startup to Market Leadership”, to introduce our technologies to this community through the lens of their peers. Special guest speakers provided their perspectives on the essence of a startup, their passion for innovation, and the importance of the virtual playground.

  5. Role Call: Antenna Engineer

    Role Call is a series on RF Globalnet that explores each of these questions with a “peek behind the curtain” at different jobs and career paths in the RF and microwave industry. Recently, Dr. Andela Zaric, Antenna Engineer at Taoglas, took time to answer some questions about her occupation.

  6. How NB-IoT And LTE-M Fit Into The IoT Ecosystem: The Future Of Cellular IoT

    The future of the Internets of Things (IoT) will expand the use of cellular communications beyond smartphones and tablets to an extraordinary range of applications and connected devices. A significant number of these applications will require long-range connections. Two new standards, NB-IoT and LTE-M, have potential uses and some implementation options for device makers looking to add cellular connectivity.

  7. How To Efficiently Design Power Transformers

    This white paper discusses a few steady-state and transient tests that determine the electrical and mechanical constraints power transformers will have to endure in their life. In addition, thermal studies can complete these analyses to detect and prevent hot spots on the tank or in the windings.

  8. Q&A With Anthony Fischetti, VP And Chief Architect, Lightwave Antenna Business Unit, MACOM

    Anthony Fischetti, VP and Chief Architect of the Lightwave Antenna Business Unit at MACOM. Fischetti, who spent 33 years — across various roles — at Northrop Grumman, recently opened up to RF Globalnet about MACOM’s role in 5G development, as well as his own career path.

  9. Role Call: Director Of Engineering

    Does uncertainty about your future occupation keep you up at night? How do you know whether you are making the right career choice for you? Role Call is a series on RF Globalnet that can help answer these questions by taking a “peek behind the curtain” at different jobs and career paths in the RF and microwave industry. Recently, Mark Felipe, Director of Engineering at Benchmark Electronics, took time to answer some questions about his occupation.

  10. Introduction To The Vehicle-To-Everything Communications Service V2X Feature In 3GPP Release 14

    The future of cooperative intelligent transportation systems promises to provide increased efficiency and to additionally reduce road traffic fatalities and serious injuries. The 3GPP Long Term Evolution in release 14 introduces and specifies the vehicle-to-everything communications service. After a brief overview of the system, this paper introduces the V2X feature in release 14 in detail.